Amazing Spiderman

Just went to watch Amazing Spiderman at Bishan Golden Village. I will rate it 3.5/5. Better than the previous one. The main actor look more teenage and more handsome. Hahaha. It is more logical from my point of view. At least when he wants to shoot out his web to another building, if it’s far away, he will swing his hand harder to shoot further.

You all should check out this movie!



Pastor Kong Hee and Sun Ho

I got nothing much to say about my church Saga.


I just want to say I love God, my pastor, Sun Ho and City Harvest Church. I’ll be praying for my Pastor. If he is convicted, I will still forgive him. Because my Lord told me so.


My Dog Haha.

Recently, my wife and I bought a dog. We name it Haha. Hahahaha! Easy to remember right? He is just 2mths plus when we bought him. So innocent and quiet.

Isn’t he cute? So small!!!! Hehehe! He has grown much bigger now. We had him for 1 mth plus. At first i still can’t get used to playing with a dog, because the last time i had a dog was during my primary school time. Which was like, 16 or 17 years ago. My mom wouldn’t allow us to buy any dog. She doesn’t like dogs.

Anyway, we trained Haha for the first few weeks we had him. He cannot eat anything unless we allow him to do so. He is not allow to play with his toy unless we allow him to do so too. Been watching Dog Whisperer.

If you are considering to buy a dog, you should watch his shows, he really helps you to relate with your dog well. Understanding them and using the dog methods to train them. Fantastic results!

I shall post more of Haha’s photo for you all to see!

So cute right!?! HEHEHE!!!