Korean BBQ Weekend

Nice place to have dinner with friends or loved ones during weekend. Relaxing with great service! Traditional Korea style setting. I love it! 

ImageThis is the entrance of the Restaurant. It’s at 93 Amoy Street. Quite ULU place. Need to use GPS to guide me there.

ImageGreat food. Once we ordered our food, it came within 5mins. With side dishes. Both Samantha and I don’t really enjoy the side dishes except for the Egg Roll. The rest are too “vegetable” for us. 

ImageAs you can see from the above photo, the setting of the restaurant is very old style, not those classy type. 

ImageImageBoth of us love this pancake! Very nice! Crispy and the taste is good!

ImageThe centre tube thingy is to suck the smoke into it. This is to prevent the customer from being smelly. Nice and considerate way. 

ImageImageSad that they do not have Beef. Their best I feel is the Marinated chicken meat. Damn nice! Sweet. Hehe.


I give this restaurant 3.5 stars! Visit it if you have time! Affordable too!


Mom’s Birthday Celebration

Yesterday had a birthday lunch with my mom to celebrate her birthday. We had buffet lunch at Ritz Carlton Singapore! The food is fantastic! Ambience is great too! Per Pax is around $56++ per person. With 15% discount for some credit card. I’m not sure which one. =)

Had a good chat with my sis and bro-in-law. Was talking my childhood days. How my sis and my cousins gang-ed up to bully me and laugh at me always. Even my aunties will slap and cane me. WooOOO… I had a tough childhood days. Hahaha. My bro-in-law was saying I really had a bad childhood days. 

We were talking also that relatives should never be the one to scold our children, don’t mention about beating. Only the parents of the child have the right to discipline the child. I was brought up in a different way though. I was like a caning tool for my auntie. Whenever i eat very slow, i will be caned. When i am playful, i will be caned. She never treated me nicely before. Always excluding me from those overseas trips or outing. I can still remember one incident, I went to a art gallery with them, i was around 5-7 years old. Was running around and i accidentally knocked into one of the painting and damaged it abit. I was scolded by her publicly. With lots of people looking at me. I guess i can still remember it because it’s a traumatizing experience for me ba. 

Ok.. Over with my nonsense ranting. Below are the photos we took on my mom’s birthday. Enjoy!


It is so incredible to see everyday that Haha is growing up. I’m having so much joy just seeing a dog growing up, how much more if i have my own children next time. I really hope to be a daddy soon. Don’t want to get too old til i have children. I need all the energy to play with them. Haha.