Had a long week at HDB Hub last week. Everyday waking up at 6.30am and reporting at project site at 7.30am. Damn tiring. 

Friday finally came. Dorothea and Aileen asked Samantha and I for chill out session at SWITCH(Timbre). It is located at the NTUC Union near Bugis. Anyway, the place is air-conditioned! Best!!! Nice food, nice singing, air-conditioned. I think I won’t be visiting other outlets of Timbre since the rest doesn’t have any air-con facility. 

After that we went to Cash Studio, a new KTV outlet at Selegie, just behind the 24 hrs Mr Bean. Nice place, but just that the system is abit sucky. 

That’s all folks. Below are the photos. 

Will blog more of my thoughts next time. Got alot of things running through my head now. 



DCW & DHS went to USS on 3rd of January. It’s to appreciate for all the hardwork we had done in year 2012. So sweet of the company to treat us all to enjoy the day. 

We had a great time! Reached there around 10.30am, it was damn crowded! We managed to get our tickets fast and went in to play! YEAH!

My colleague and I made a mistake, seeing that the waiting time is 50mins only, we went into Transformer ride. Guess what? In the end we waited for 2 hrs for our turn! My other colleagues played 3 rides each and I’m still stuck at 1. Even more wonderful is that they took transformer ride earlier than us, because they chose to go to the single rider queue line. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT EARLIER! But, too bad.. Anyway, we had a great time there! Below are the photos!