My own opinions

Recently, there seems to be a trend of confessions page going on in facebook. I only came across 3 of them, NUS Confessions, SAF Confessions & CHC Confessions. 

What I want to say today is more of CHC Confessions. I seriously don’t know the purpose of the confessions is about. Check out the post there. Does it give any encouragement to members or Christians around the world? It seems like it is more like a page to bombard the church, finding the similar people who left the church for the same reasons to gather together and continue to bombarding the church. When someone says that they love Church, they comment that they are no brainers. If you are a Christian and you comment that people who are in the church is no brainers, then shame on you. =)

What is my comments? I am not someone who is damn good in bible verses, I cannot quote the verses like the rest of them. Quoting verses to attack what the church is doing wrong, they are damn good at it. Yes, they can be right. Some ways, i do agree they quoted the correct verse. My church is not doing the right way. But the weirdest thing I cannot answer myself is why they don’t implant this verses into their brains? Matt 5 : 44 (Love your enemies). Oh! Maybe they don’t treat my church as enemies.. I’m sorry, let me quote another. Matt 22 : 39 (Love your neighbour). Why keep focusing on how my church has cheated you, how they pressured you to buy CDs, tithe, give building fund, why not love the church, why not love the people, why not love your brothers and sisters? Pray for those in the church. If you find something is wrong, then pray that God will make amendments to it. Why wish for God to destroy the church? What good does that do you? To the members? 

I cannot say what my church do I support 100% of it. I can only say, I stick with them through. I just want to be with my church. I love this church. If I find anything wrong, I don’t do it. I DON’T DO IT! =) I am mature to think and confront if I feel the way is questionable. 

My church is changing now, we are embracing grace and love. I always believe since the 1st day i accepted Christ is embracing Love. Once you have love, you will give grace be merciful. 

Let’s move on in life. If you’ve left the church, then i really hope the bad experience in church did not make you leave Christ, but instead you choose to go another church. I’ve friends who left church and went to another church and is doing so well. I believe it’s all in God’s plan. I’m happy for them. Most importantly, I am still contacting them! Hahaha. 

Be happy! Love Love LOVE!


Ok… I voiced out everything… Nearly choked myself to death. Hahahaa! I am not a good speaker. Somethings i say might be damn wrong. But… really, it’s how i feel la… =) 


My relationship with my best friend to girlfriend to wife

I have to say that this year is the 9th year we are together. Long years ya? 

Throughout this long 9 years we went through lots of difficulties together, rejection from friends and leaders from church is the worst among all. We were afraid to announce any of our church friends, even the closest ones. Anyway, that’s not important so I won’t mention about that much. Let’s move on… 

I can still remember early stage of our relationship, we were going places i can never imagine any couple will go. We need to go secret not crowded places for our dates. We couldn’t watch movies in open areas like Orchard. We watched movies at Balestier Complex! I guess not many of you been there to watch there right? Hahaha. It was great. Small things makes us so happy. Just a simple meal outside was so sweet and loving. Renting TVB drama shows and watching together at home was heaven. As there was time constraint, we spend every minute together. Those were the sweet memories of the past. I know we will have alot more of sweet memories together. 

The sweetest gesture she has done for me is loving soccer and loving the team i Love! WHICH IS MANCHESTER UNITED! Hahaha. She will sit with me and watch the match together and enjoy it. Where else can you find such a girl as her? Hahaha. She knows i love to talk about soccer infront of her and she will be always be interested unless she is watching her korean dramas. Hahaha. 

Though sometimes we will quarrel and be unhappy with each other, but we never leave the problem unsolved til the next day. We will resolve it first before sleeping(taught by my Pastor at church). 

WHAT A LONG JOURNEY together and I know it will go on and on and on… What are we expecting next in our life? We have a house, a car and a dog. What we are lacking is children! Hopefully this year will be the year we can move on to the next level in our relationship! Hehehe! 

Pray for us!!! 

I love you baby.. =)


Ah Boy to Man

Recently Jack Neo came out with a new movie, AH BOYS to MEN Part 1 & 2. Cut the story short, it’s a nice show, re-living BMT all over again. 

This post is not about the movie actually, it’s more of what the show brought to me. MEMORIES. 

Still remember when I was given my enlistment letter, I was notified to report to Pasir Ris Bus Interchange for my BMT at 8.30am on 3rd June 2006. 

I don’t know how to describe my feelings when I received my enlistment letter. Happy? No. Sad? No. Excited? No. Totally emotionless. I think I more or less accepted that it is part and parcel of a man life as a Singapore citizen. 

Came the day, 3rd June 2006, I was posted to PES BP(Obese batch) as I was overweight(always has been since I was sec 1). I took the ferry from SAF ferry terminal with my parents. My sister didn’t come with us as she is pregnant with my 1st nephew. 

When i reached Tekong, I was asked to report to another place different from my parents as I need to change my pink IC for my 11B(green IC) for 2 years. I felt very sad when I was asked to be separated from my parents. Really sad. 

I remember I was asked to weigh myself again when I went to report to the clerk. I was 106kg. I didn’t know the meaning of weighing again. I was thinking like I’m a product in the market waiting to be sold off. Hahaha. Anyway, we were then taught how to say the army pledge before entering the auditorium. My parents were in there already when i reached. They were given a tour of Tekong. 

Then came the speech by my School of BMTC School 1 Commanding Officer. In the speech, came the reason of why we need to weigh ourselves once again when we reported to the clerk. Those who gained weight during the time from MEDICAL CHECKUP to NOW, might be posted to 6 months BMT life instead of 3 months! OH MAN!!!!! Imagine my feelings!! I panicked! I was so afraid that I’m going to have BMT for 6 months instead of 3!!! And the worst thing is that they won’t announce it to us who are the people who will be transferred. I totally had no mood to do anything, not even thinking anything. My father kept saying me ” See la, now regret never exercise enough right? Later being posted to 6 months BMT”. I totally cannot concentrate and hear him properly. Anyway, after that came the saddest moment. We were to walk with my parents back to the Tekong Ferry Terminal before we report to our COMPANY. When we reached the Ferry terminal, there was a signboard stating, “New Recruits to turn left to fall in at training shelter.” Then there was this officer who will at the junction saying, “Parents, please turn right to board the ferry back to Singapore, you will see your son in 2 weeks time”. I couldn’t say a proper goodbye to my parents as I was very very sad, i can still remember nearly crying. I said good bye to my parents and quickly turned around and joined my company.

As I fall in with the rest of platoon mates, I was thinking “my sad life is coming soon”. Feel restless and still thinking if I will be transferred out. After taking our names, we went to collect our duffel bag. Did the equipment check thingy, went to visit our bunk and went to lecture room to wait for the annoucement of our fate. While waiting, I was thinking since i got nothing to do, might as well know some friends, lo and behold, the guy seated beside me is the most unfriendly person i’ve ever met in my life! I put my hand out and intro myself, and guess what he said to me? “We might not even be in same platoon, why intro ourselves” and he looked away. WTF RIGHT!?! I was like OH OK! Thanks! But guess what, I was not transferred out of the company and I was in the same platoon as me! Hahaha! I kept reminding him that throughout the BMT but I don’t really talk to him much since he is not friendly to me in the very first day. 

After all the announcement, we went to cut hair and dinner. After that we went back to bunk to prepare for the next day event. Called my mom, got very emotional but tried hard not to cry. Couldn’t control my tears when lights went off, cried myself to sleep. Hahaha. New experience mah. 

The rest of the life in my BMT is gonna be very long. All those trainings. Fun times with my BMT buddies back then! I shall blog more about my army life in the next week post hopefully! Only those interesting stories! 

Check out my POP parade photos! Hehehe!


Taiwan Trip 2013

WoOoooO! 我爱台湾!

Recently went for a relaxing chill out trip to Taiwan with Samantha. Totally enjoyed ourselves there! I can say this is my best ever experience to Taipei yet. Though I’ve been to Taipei 4 times, but this time is the best, the reason being that the weather is cooling! Not hot and humid like Singapore! 

The temperature over at Taipei is around 15-18 degrees in the morning and 10-12 degrees at night. Though it might seem that it is not that cold, it’s just air-con temperature. Try saying that when the wind blow right towards you. 

As I’ve said, this is a relaxing trip, so what do we do? We didn’t really plan an itinerary, so we just go wherever we want! Shopping,eating, shopping, eating, shopping, eating! Lolx!

Totally totally enjoyed myself throughout the whole trip, great location, great weather, great food, lastly, great companion. What more can i ask! Hehehe! Enjoy the photos below!