Weekend (27 – 28 April 2013)

What a weekend man. Spent the Saturday with my company colleagues. We were doing photoshoot for my company. Very very fun! It’s my first time doing a shoot! Hahaha. 

The photos are damn nice. I am still editing it yet. Damn alot. So it will surely take some time. Hahaha. Anyway, after that we went to have Korean BBQ buffet dinner together! Practically we spent the whole saturday together, but it was a great day! Well spent! Will want to do another studio photoshoot again soon if it’s possible!



On Sunday, spent time with my mom! We went for High tea at Goodwood Park Hotel. Great food, great ambience. I remember we went there once before during my ROM. We love the food there! Not alot of varieties though, but all the food served are really nice, and their service is really good too. So what can i ask more? Hahaha. Below are the photos! ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Awesome Easter Weekend.

Been sick for the past few days. Finally I’m recovering, hopefully I can recover by this weekend, got so much plans for it. Don’t wish to waste it lying on my bed and just sleeping through it. Ok, enough of my sickness. Just want to share about the awesome weekend I had last week.

Last week one of buddy got married! Vincent & his beautiful wife Lynn!!! YEAH! I knew Vincent from church quite a few years ago. What can i say about him, he is a great guy! Always so kind and helpful! Rarely hear him say no to others when they seek him for help. I’m really happy for him to meet the girl of his life. Both of them really look great together! Their character just suit each other! Hahaha.

Anyway, I got the privilege to be his entourage for his wedding day. Had so much fun on the 2 days of his wedding. He had a great team of entourage, everyone is so so fun! We did a dance item for the 2nd march during the church ceremony. I was damn nervous, but i managed to complete the dance steps without forgetting any steps. Hahaha.

Below are the photos of the 2 days of wedding!

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Next up, MY MOM’s WATER BAPTISM!!! Finally, after praying for more than 13 years for my household salvation, it came to pass. Though not all(left my dad), I am still believing that 1 day, my whole household shall be saved!

My mom had been an on off believer for many years. She tried out a couple of churches before finally settling down at Heart of God church. My sis and bro-in-law were also saved in Heart of God Church. I’m really happy for them! We don’t need to be in the same church because we are still part of God’s family with each other. I seriously don’t understand why some people must insist to be in the same church if not hard to flow with each other. WHAT RUBBISH~~ Anyway, I was so excited for my mom! She was water baptized last weekend! I rushed down to attend the ceremony after helping out in Vincent and Lynn’s Wedding.

Finally, my sister, my mom is saved. I can only keep praying that one day my dad will accept Christ too. Believe and pray. Have faith. It’s in God’s hands. God’s timing. God’s plan. I shall wait. =)

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Gonna go rest now. Been sleeping sleeping and sleeping for the past few days. Drowsiness setting in now. Goodnight people!