1 year ago… We bought him..

Been nearly 1 year since we had Haha in our life. 

Still remember last year we were intending to look for a guinea pig as a pet at Eastpoint, but what caught our eye was this shih tzu lying in one of the cage. We asked for the price, it was $1500. We were really thinking to buy it, but when they told us that we can’t bring the dog back right on the spot, we immediately declined to buy it. What to do, we really damn “gian” to buy it, but we want to bring it home immediately. 

We went to our car, kept thinking of buying a dog. In the end, we ended up at Pasir Ris Pet Farm. Looked around, asked a few shops, but couldn’t find any we liked. UNTIL!!! The very last farm, really it’s the very last farm! It may sound like some movie, but it’s really the last farm we were gonna visit. Hahaha. We saw a small Shih Tzu sitting there “emo-ing” in the cage, we asked to see him, and we bought him! HE IS HAHA! Hahaha… My wife thought of that name, since it’s easy to remember and easy to call. 

Haha was so small, so gentle. 



Hahaha. See his angry bird, it’s almost half the size of his body! Hahaha. Looking at him everyday always bring joy to us. Though he might be damn naughty somedays, but he is really very cute. 



See… small small… Don’t you feel like hugging him. Hahaha. 



I was playing with him with my Manchester United Bean bag, and he enjoyed it alot.. Look at the photo, he seems to be smiling and enjoying himself. Hahaha. 

Now he is no longer small. He just turned 1 year old. 

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See how long and fat he is now. Hahaha. We love him so so much! Taking care of a pet really requires alot of your attention. Like bathing him, cleaning his poops, feeding him, walking him, playing with him, IT”S LIKE HAVING A KID! Hahaha. 

I’m glad we bought him. He really brought alot of joy and happiness to us. =)

Lastly, this below photo is 1 of the cutest photo we have of him. HAHAHA! 



“I’m saving the world!!!”


Past 2 weeks.

Past 2 weeks were emotional weeks for me and I guess all of the Manchester United FC fans around the world. 

Sir Alex Ferguson, Paul Scholes and David Beckham announced that they will be retiring at of the season. 

I’ve got so much to say about each of them, but I guess there isn’t any need for me to describe it. I will surely miss the hair dryer and chewing gum images that we see every weekend. Surely miss the bullet like passes from 40-50 yards out yet so accurate. Lastly, i will surely missed the most is the crosses and freekicks that never fail to amaze me every single week during Beckham’s time in Manchester United. I will never forget the freekick goal that he scored against Greece in the injury time. As my ceiling was quite low, I jumped up and cheered when he scored forgetting that I had a ceiling fan, praise God my hand were safe. Hahaha. I nearly hit the fan. 

Thanks my 3 heros. You all are the best! I will never forget you all! And I will surely tell my kids about you all. How i lived my days watching you all play every single week. #thankyousiralex #thankyoupaulscholes #thankyoudavidbeckham .