Finally, I’ve booked my tickets!

Yes! Finally!!! After a long wait of few months, I’ve booked my tickets to a Manchester United soccer match! It will be at Old Trafford, Manchester United Vs Crystal Palace, 14th September, 12:45hrs! Im so damn excited! Yeah!

I wasn’t able to choose the actual seats, but I’ve sent my application for 2 seats in 2 section, just in case if 1 is full. 

Below is the seating plan :


My first preferred seating will be the Blue section, 2nd will be the red one. The red one should be behind the home side team Bench. Hopefully I can get good seats! I’ve been waiting for this chance to see the Manchester United Players up close for all my life, and finally it’s here!!! YESH! I think I’m so gonna take like few hundred photos of Old Trafford. 

I’m so damn excited now!!! Can’t wait for my Europe trip in 38 days! 


Final accommodation in Europe!

Yeah! We’ve confirmed our accommodation in Europe! YESH!

We are going to EUROPE!!! Another 44 more days!!! So damn excited!

Check out the places we are gonna take!

Manchester –


London – 



Barcelona –


NDP Fireworks

Last Saturday went to take photos of fireworks from NDP 2013. Waited since 7pm til 8.15pm for the fireworks to start. Worth the wait. Awesome fireworks. 

The last time I really enjoyed the NDP fireworks was during NDP 2007. The first year we had our NDP parade at Marina Bay Floating Platform. Plenty of memories. Stationing at the Ex-Clifford Pier, sitting in the safety boat for more than 12 hours. Eating in the safety boat, so much of memories. 






Check out the photos i took last week. First time trying out with DSLR. =)