Trip to Europe – Manchester(Old Trafford)

Back from Europe! Enjoyed myself totally! But i still enjoy USA more. Haha.

Anyway, too much details to write now.. How i wish i could record down every single detail that I had went through this Europe trip, but it’s really damn alot. I will just blog down by photos.. Easier..

First up will be my first ever trip to Old Trafford! Home of Manchester United Football Club! One of dream has been fulfilled! I’m so damn happy!

It has always been my dream to go Old Trafford since I started supporting them in Year 1996. The feeling of stepping on the ground of Manchester United is hard to explain. I was so overwhelmed by the truth that I’m at Old Trafford that I had goosebumps through the tour in the stadium. Just so happy!

*If you love Manchester United, you should really save up and go experience it yourself!*


Welcome to Manchester!

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The only bad experience we had at Manchester was at a Italian restaurant on the first day. The waiter and waitress totally ignored us and only served the locals(English). They seems to dislike asians alot. I was really pissed with their service. Bad food, bad service. Oh man.. Only first day and we experience this.



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