Eventful Saturday(23 Nov 2013)

What an eventful Saturday night! Did a what a good citizen will do, CATCH A FLASHER at my neighbour!

Here’s the story. Short and simple. 

Last Saturday, we(samantha and I) were walking home from the carpark to our block. When we reached our void deck, we suddenly heard some lady shouting some random stuff which we assume was scolding her kid or a couple quarreling. Next moment, we saw an Indian(bangala) worker running towards our direction and turned away to the playground behind my block. We saw that he was trying to wear his pants while running and he was bare-footed. The lady who screamed earlier on was running after him but she was too slow for him and she approached us and ask if we saw the indian guy running away. We asked what happened, and she told us that he just flashed at her, and it’s not the first time he did that, he even RAPED her cats! FREAKING HELL!!! RAPED!!! I was like.. HUH!?!? Are you serious? And yes.. She said that she saw him a couple of times doing it on the cats and when she ran towards him, he ran away. 1 cat died of that act. SICK MAN! 

After that, we went into the lift and the lady continued to look for the guy. We were worried for the lady.. What if the Bangala worker turned horny and violent? She will be in great danger. So I send Samantha home and went downstairs to assist her. Saw her downstairs talking to a man who was her husband. They were looking for the guy together. Then 1 more malay guy(neighbour) came down as well and went searching for the flasher. 

We separated into 3 different ways. I described the outfit of the bangala guy to the husband and the malay guy and we went searching. Searched for about 15-20mins but still couldn’t find him. I thought he was going to escape once again. Then lo and behold, this guy came walking back. Talking on his mobile phone, act as if it’s nothing. I wanted to be sure it’s him, so I went up front and talked to him. Both me and the malay guy met up earlier and walked towards him together. He had a very strong alcohol smell, so I’m quite sure he is drunk. We asked him to follow us. Surprisely, he was very calm and steady. Didn’t try to struggle or retaliate. I was expecting a fight man! Hahaha. 

When we brought him back to the block, there were around 8 policeman, 3 police vehicles waiting for him already. We passed him over to the policeman, he recorded our statement, took our particulars and told us that we might be able to get the good citizen merit medal. I’m not sure. He say need to recommend us. Hahaha. 

I’m glad that we caught this sick guy. Imagine he rape cats now, what if cats doesn’t give him the thrills anymore? He go for girls!? Man…. I hope after this incident, police will increase their petrol unit in my neighbourhood. 


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