Year 2013

WOoOOo.. Time flies.. Another year gone… 2013 just flew pass so fast!

What can I say.. I survived 2013! There were plenty more ups and down in 2013 than other years I had before. Tough year… But I survived! I won’t be saying what are they, but one of the highlights of year 2013 is….. I travelled to 5 countries!(4 overseas trip).

Taiwan (January)


Europe(Manchester, London(England), Barcelona(Spain))



October(Hongkong) – Company retreat!!


Lastly, December!(Royal Caribbean)


Year 2013 was a year of travelling!

I hope to be able to travel to even more different countries this year(2014). 

I pray and know that year 2014 will be a even better year than 2013!! 

Year 2013 has pass, I am looking forward to a better 2014, health, financial, spiritual life, family relationships. =) Pray hard! All my friends had been posting that this year will be a bad year for the Year of the rat….. I will bind that! I shall confess that with God, this year 2014 will be the best year yet for me!! Everything in my life will be great!!!!!!

Thank you Jesus! 




Wanted to blog about this a few days ago before new year. Something interesting but yet scary. So I decided to blog it down.

Last Saturday night, as usual I went to sleep. Dreams dreams dreams. Then came in my dreams my past experience of “supernatural” encounter at my old Hougang house. During my days in my Hougang house, when I reached home after school, I will go to the living room to watch show or play game, and I always will smell something of a very nice aroma smell around me. My house got no flowers, no plants at all, it’s just weird to have such nice aroma smell. Usually, I will just move around the house to see where did the smell from.. I have no answer up til now. There in my dream, I was back in Hougang, but this time, as a third party. I was literally looking at myself coming home, going to the living room and watch TV. Lo and behold, I saw a lady seated just right beside me in that very house. She was wearing a checkers pattern pajamas. Just seated beside, doing nothing but looking at one direction. That was scary!

Next scene of the dream, I was in my room. My sister had an encounter too with the supernatural being. Both my parents were at overseas, the house was just left with me and my sister. My sister that night when she was sleeping, she said that she was awake(covering her head with blanket as she felt cold), she couldn’t move and heard my mom just beside her bed asking her to wake up, just like usual days. I was the third party once again, I saw the lady, she came to my room as well, but… I was asleep, total knocked out. Couldn’t hear a single thing. Hahaha.

Last scene, I was back at my house. I felt I was awake, I was looking at my wife sleeping beside me, and next moment, I saw this lady floating on top of my wife, and she suddenly turned and faced me and charged towards me. My first reaction was to grabbed her and slammed her to my door resulting in a very loud impact sound. Next, I woke up, looking at my wife, sleeping the exact same position as what I saw in the dream.

Woke up feeling damn scare.. Prayed.. Seek for protection.

Something to note down. I think will be interesting to read maybe few years down the road. =)