Just some random post…

Time flies man… Now is already 2 mths into the new year. February is here.. And my busy period at work is gonna start very soon. Now got to enjoy the more “relaxing” period. 

After last year crazy traveling, we got ourselves addicted to traveling. Samantha and I are planning to go USA once again in December this year. Don’t know if it’s possible as we are also planning to have baby this year! So, baby is more important. If the baby comes, all plans will be pushed back. This year is our 10 years anniversary together! 10 freaking year man! Hahaha. I wish that the baby comes this year and it will be a perfect gift for the both of us! 10 years.. Wow… A long journey… But i enjoyed every single day of it with Samantha. Hmmmm… Cheesy yeah? Hahaha. But it’s true.. Gonna do a post just about our 10 years. Must try to search our first few years of courtship photos. 

Our first trip this year will be Royal Caribbean again! Last year ended the year with Royal Caribbean, this year start the first trip with Royal Caribbean. WOW! Hahaha. But this time different experience. Gonna stay in their grand suite room! Guess how much we spend each for the grand suite room, $580 each! WoOOOo!! Usually it’s around $1000-$2000 for the grand suite! Can’t wait to go once again! This time round we are going to celebrate Jia Ann’s(our close friend) 30th Birthday. I’m entering the number 3 this year as well. 30…….. I can’t believe it. 

Today is just a random post from myself… Just bought a Macbook pro, so wanna use it to try.. Hehehe.. 

Goodbye! =)