First ever backpacking trip. Guess where?

I’m going to Tokyo! For my first backpacking trip! A lot of people are asking.. Why Tokyo? You don’t even speak their language. It will be hard to communicate with them. Yeah… I know.. But I’ve always wanted to explore Tokyo, so I will just learn some simple Japanese language and install the translator in my iPhone. Hahaha. 

I’ll be going from 22nd May to 27th May. 5D4N! Short trip, but it’s gonna be great! First ever alone trip. WooOOO.. Don’t know what to expect. Gonna take lots of photos! Stay tuned! Hahahaha!


10 years of dating together.

Today is 19th March 2014. It’s our 10th dating anniversary! 10 years of dating.

We can’t remember exactly what’s the exact date that we started dating, so we used out wedding date as our anniversary! Hehehe.

I’ve written at least 2 post about my relationship with my wife, I guess it’s never enough when it comes to talking about the person you love so much. Hahaha.

Gifts – We were not sure what to buy for each other for our anniversary because 10 years together, we literally bought anything you can think of(affordable) for each other. So we decided on one Friday after work, we will go and buy a gift for each other. I bought a new wallet for my wife, and she bought a wallet and a card holder for me! Hehe!


I’ve always wanted a clipper wallet for myself! And she got it for me! YEAH!

I surprised her another secret gift which I did it online myself. A photo book! WooOOO.. Inside consists of most of the photos we took together during our dating dates. I couldn’t find those photos we took during our early dating days as my old laptop was reformatted. Sad…. I managed to find only photos that we took together from year 2007. It’s counted as not bad.


Looking through the photo book brought back a lot of memories. Slowly flipping through the book and recalling the days we spend together in the past was so funny. Laugh and laugh and laugh. I’m glad she love it!

We had an early celebration last weekend at Resorts World Hardrock Hotel. Room wise, it’s not fantastic. Still prefer Riz Carlton. Anyway, we went to Universal Studios, Adventure Cove and S.E.A Aquarium. Our first time to Adventure Cove and S.E.A Aquarium! We had loads of fun just spending the time together.

We didn’t have a lavish dinner. Just da bao some food back from the Malayan Food street and went back to Hotel room to spend some time together.

10 years, though there is ups and down, quarrels, objections, but we stick through together! Most importantly, she accept me as who I am.  I love you my baby! =)


First Trip of 2014 – Royal Carribbean

Just came back from Royal Caribbean, down with diarrhea. Nope, not because of Royal Caribbean food, but the food at kopi tiam under my block.

This blog post is more of like explaining what you can do at Royal Caribbean and what to expect on board the ship. Pardon me for the bad english.

Here we go!

We booked our tickets on January 2014. As we had stayed in the Balcony class room before so we decided to try out their suites. We bought the Suites Guarantee option, meaning we will confirm get a suite class room at the price we paid for, no matter if they give us junior suite or grand suite, the amount is still the same. Guess what? We were given grand suite! That’s not the biggest room on board the cruise. They have this Christopher Columbus suite which is just like an apartment with a living room and 2 rooms.

You can go onboard the ship starting from 11am onwards but you might need to wait awhile before you can go to your room as the housekeeping department will need to tidy up the room first.

For luggages wise, when you booked the tickets through online, a few days later they will send you a confirmation email with your room number and luggage tags. You can choose to check in your luggage or you just bring it on board yourself. If you prefer for them to bring your luggage on board for you, prepare to wait for 2-3hrs for your luggage to arrive at your room. So my advice is that you just bring along all your important documents or toiletries(if you want to bath) in your hand carry bag.


Once you go to the check in counter at Marina Bay Cruise Centre, you will receive this card with your fine dining allocated table number and timing. Gold is for Grand suite, Silver is for Junior Suite, Blue is for Balcony.

Gold card has it’s privileges. Like, free flow of cocktails at their Concierge Club located at Level 14. Free flow from 5.30pm to 8pm. 2 hours of non stop drinking. Crazy… hahaha. Oh yah, you can have your breakfast at the club too.

For room service, it’s “free” for the whole day except from 12am to 6am. You will need to pay. Why did I put “free” is because, every night you will be charged USD$15 each person for gratitude fee. It’s like tipping the housekeeping and room service people. So, 4D3N, 2 person in the room, it will be $90 for the whole trip. From 6am to 12am, you can just order any food that is available, they will send it to your room. They don’t provide mineral water for you. So what you can do is you call room service for a bucket of ICE and a few cups of drinking water. Please note that their definition of drinking water is not mineral water bottle, but it’s cups of water. Like you can order 4 cups of drinking water.

The food on board the ship is not nice at all. The buffet, too salty. Asian won’t like it, but “ang mohs” will love it because of the strong taste. Eatable, but don’t expect damn nice food.

Show you some photos of the food.

ImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImage

You can try this restaurant call “Johnny Rockets” Each pax is around $5. Free flow of food. It’s like carls junior style of food. I like the food there than the free food provided.

Activities, what can you do on board. There are a lot of performance shows. Like Ice on roof top(damn nice!) Musical. Magic shows. There are also movie screening. What amazes me is they have this program call, SINGLE MINGLES! Hahaha. I will rather call it ONS night. Hahaha. It happens every night at 11.30pm at their club. It’s like a dance club. You can club in there. Get to know people. Not bad right? Hahaha.

They have rock climbing as well. 24 hours sports court(Basketball & soccer) Table tennis. 24 hours swimming pool and jacuzzi. Gym(relatively big for a cruise ship). They have ice skating sessions too. They have shopping as well, like Michael Kors, Coach, Burberry, Gucci. Not bad already.

There are a lot more activities that you can do on board, but it’s way too long to post.

It will be fun for couples to go and family to go! Hehehe. Not promoting for them. Just sharing my own experience.


Just to add on, I paid about $580 per pax for the grand suite. It’s low peak period. They are now going to HKG & Shanghai, will be back in Singapore in November.