Japan Trip 2014(Part 1)

Back from Japan! It was totally fun! Great experience! What can I say about Japan? Great customer service, very friendly and helpful people. Great food! Cooling weather! Haha. Totally enjoyed myself!

Ok here goes about my trip.

We landed at Narita airport, was amazed by their stores.



Food! Plenty of food! Haha. We wanted to take Narita Express to Shinjuku, but the next train is only at 7.47am and we need to wait for 45mins. So we decided to take the bus to Shinjuku. The bus is called Friendly Airport Limousine. If you don’t want to wait for the train, just take the bus. It’s more costly, but it’s comfortable. It cost about, 3100yen(SGD$38.75) per trip per pax. Didn’t manage to take a photo of the bus, too tired already. Hahaha.

When we reached Shinjuku, we took a taxi to the hostel we were staying in. The taxi driver is the most helpful person during our trip. He drove us to the destination, but as he was not familiar with the place, he stopped and went down to ask the locals where is the exact location. He left his cab engine running, ran around to look for the building(we had the photo of the building). When he found the building, he came running back to us and inform us about it. He was so damn helpful!! I don’t know what to say.

The hostel(house) we stayed, we booked through airbnb. It’s not fantastic, but the location is the best. Just 3mins walk to the nearest train station. The hostel(house) is a 3 level hostel(house). With only 1 bath room. Everyone got to share! Didn’t expect that. Our room was very small. But just enough for the 2 of us. The owner of the house gave us mattress. We slept on the floor. Didn’t want to take photo of the place, not very nice.

We rest for a awhile, shower and went out to start our adventure! Haha.

Went to the camera district called Yodobashi-Akiba. It’s like our SIM LIM SQUARE. But much much more awesome! A whole building full of camera stuff! But the price is some what similar to Singapore prices. Just a bit cheaper. If you love cameras, just go there have a look.¬†Image

Used their lens to take some photos. Hahaha.

At Japan, almost everywhere you go there is vending machine. Drinks, cigarette, snacks. Everywhere!


After the camera store, we went to try out their maid cafe. Total disappointment. Or maybe we went to a bad one. Not pretty at all! haha. Can’t even take photo of the place. If you want to take photo with the “maids” you got to pay 500yen. Crazy… Hahaha. Nothing interesting there. So… yeah.. I don’t recommend you to try.

Next destination, we went to their manga street. Full of manga stuff. But all in Japanese, and I don’t collect the manga models. So, just took a few photos and went off.



We went to try their ramen! I love ramen! Haha. It was delicious! After having the first taste of the ramen we ordered, I told my wife that I’m swimming behind her. Hahaha. If you watch before the Japanese manga on food, you will know what I meant.

They have an unique way ordering the food, when you enter the restaurant, you will see a vending machine. You need to order and pay through the vending machine and bring the ticket to the counter. Then the cook will bring your order to you.




We head to Tokyo Tower next. Nice view from the top. They have a look through window. As I’m afraid of heights, I didn’t dare to step on the glass. It’s way damn high. Hahaha. I was afraid my weight will be too heavy for the glass to hold. =X




We were back at Shinjuku at night. Was just walking around to explore the place. And we enter their so called “red light” district. But the most interesting part is that the place is full of GUYS gigolo. They were standing by the road side, waiting for ladies to picked them up. Most of them are not good looking, but they really dressed up themselves well.

10257076_10154214877620424_8266034251188105744_o 10295327_10154214877430424_4295583951669126180_o

Yeah. Got so much details to blog about. I will slowly break it up into parts ba. Want to leave some memories too! =)




3 more days to Japan! First time to Japan. Gonna visit quite a few places.

Gonna be visiting The scenic view of shibazakura. Image

Hope to take some very nice scenery photos. Been trying to practice some shots in Singapore with my wife. Hope to improve myself. Still learning! =)

Below are the photos I took.

894587_10154168341450424_7837666874421166764_o 10258523_10154168341155424_3244286454021899005_o 10382540_10154181388180424_5374737454197711619_o

Hope to update more when I’m in Japan. =)


Labour Day 2014

Well well.. Happy holiday everyone! Today is a public holiday for everyone! Haha. How did I spend my day. In the morning, went for food photography with my photography friends. We went to Bedok South Wet Market to take some food photos. Quite a few stores serve good food, especially the Chao kway teow. Queued up for around 20mins. Nice kway teow, but not so fantastic tip need to que for 20mins to eat it. Hahaha. I’m quite picky with food sometimes. Especially those that needs to que very long just to order.


Not bad. I will give it a 7/10 score. =)

In the afternoon, went to have a small celebration with Glen for his “ahem…….” 30th yr old birthday. Hahaha. Old already.

We went to Watami Causal Restaurant at Ion Orchard. Good food, but service is bad. Not attentive at all. Even when they see you raise up your hands to get their attention, they still chose to ignore you. Like I say, good food but bad service.

We went to watch Amazing Spiderman 2 after lunch. Was not bad, but full of details, so expect a lot of talking rather than fighting. Rate it 3.5/5. Glen and Baby doesn’t like it though, they find it too draggy. Baby rate it at 2.5/5. Everyone has their own taste of movie, so just enjoy!

Finally, something funny about myself that I would like to note down. Hahaha.

Been a couple of times already that whenever I was in charge of booking the movie tickets for friends outing or my date with baby, usually something will go wrong with my booking. It always happen!

1st time, I booked it through the website, I forgot to press confirm in buying, I thought I bought the tickets already, but in the end I didn’t buy it. So I went to the counter trying to collect my tickets, but there isn’t any. Hahaha.

2nd time, I bought the wrong date. I wanted to buy a Saturday movie. In the end, I bought the tickets for the following Thursday screening. I didn’t notice the date! Haha. Went to the counter, the person was like… “ahemmmmm…. Sir, your tickets is for next Thursday screening.” In order not to make myself so “malu”, I said, “Yup, but I’m collecting them today. Can I?” Hahaha. Baby was laughing at me all the way.

3rd time, I bought the tickets. Confident that I bought the right date and clicked on the confirm buy button. Even received an email to confirm my tickets. I bought the movie screening timing at 9.30pm. I saw it. Bought it, didn’t realize it was in 24 hours format. I bought 0930hrs movie screening. It should be 2130hrs movie screening! Hahaha. We didn’t get to watch the movie in the end, but cathay returned me the money. Not bad right. Haha.

4th Time! Today. I bought right timing, right date, received confirmation email. I forgot to bring my card which I used to purchase the tickets. Luckily I got the email, so no need to redeem the tickets by my card because got booking number. Totally careless me.

Got to be more careful next time!!

End of holiday today! Tomorrow is back to work, but weekend is the next day! YEAH!

21 more days to Japan!