Excited about his/her arrival

Sorry guys, just can’t stop talking about my coming soon baby! Hahaha. 

He/she is growing! Bigger! Yeah! This week is the 14th week! Happy happy! 

Last week was our appointment with the gynae. We had a scan, he/she has grown! From the first time we saw him/her, he/she was still a small little dot. 2nd scan, we could see a bit of the nose and the hands. Now, we could see the legs, hands and some of the facial features! Hahaha.


This is 6th week. 


This is 10th week.


This is the latest photo! 14th week! =)))

After the gynae appointment, we were so excited about having the baby, we went to shop for baby stuff! Hahaha. We don’t even know the gender yet! But never mind, we just want to buy something. 

We bought Man Utd baby stuff last year when we were at Old Trafford. 


Cute? Hahahaha! Baby will be wearing it when he/she discharge from the hospital. Hahaha!

Other things we bought, IMG_6387IMG_6383IMG_6381

Excited max! Don’t know what to expect. I think we can know the gender at the next appointment if the baby is a boy. Hahaha. Can’t wait!!! =))) Once we know the gender, I guess it will be even more massive shopping…………………… Yeah!


I’m gonna be a daddy!

I’m gonna be a daddy!Yeah!! I’m so excited! Wanted so much to share the joy with everyone since day 1 when I knew of the great news, but………. First trimester is always the most unstable period, so just got to “than”. During this period when people kept asking me when I want to have a baby, but I could not share anything, inside of me was exploding. HAHAHA!

To be honest, when we found out that my wife was pregnant using the CLEARBLUE test kit, I was so excited. It just seems that the reality haven’t set in. I just, “wow! Yeah! Orh.. let’s go see gynae to confirm.” Our gynae is from Thomson Medical. Recommended by Sharmaine. We heard Thomson Medical nurses are very good taking care of babies, but the cost is much higher, so we got to really cut down on your expenses.

Anyway, first appointment with the gynae came, we scanned for the baby, gyane said “Samantha, you are confirm pregnant.” Wah! I’m happy, but reality still….. have not set in. I’m very happy, but I just can’t describe the feeling. Moving on, we shared with our closest friends and family that my wife is pregnant.



This is first scanning image! The baby was so small!! Hahaha. By the way, our gynae is Dr Caroline Khi from Thomson Medical. She is a really nice lady. Very patient. Highly recommended! You can message me if you want her contact. 

We were excited, started to look up more into the pregnancy details. Start to shop for clothes(we don’t know the gender yet). Hahaha. We are “kiasu”.

Latest appointment, we went to scan, we could see the baby much clearer. He/she was sleeping, hands curled up. 


If you see clearly, you will be able to see the hand and the face shape. Hahaha. This is the 2nd photo we have. Dr Khi, when she scanned for the baby, the baby was sleeping. Then she told my wife, “I think we should wake the baby up.” I was like, “huh!?” So cool! Haha. She started to tell my wife to cough, and we could see that the baby was awaken by the cough, and started to move his/her hands in a way like he/she was damn irritated by that cough. Hahaha. This time, reality set in, I was damn touched, it’s real! A life is formed! I’m seriously gonna be a daddy! NO SHIT! Hahaha. I was damn damn touched. Speechless, but damn damn excited. Oh yah, we heard the baby heartbeat too. His heartbeat was 176beats per minute. I was shocked and Dr Khi assured us that that is very normal for the baby. She told us looking by the progression, she is estimating that we will be expecting the baby by Jan 29th 2015. Before CNY!

People started asking me if I want a boy or girl first. Seriously, I don’t really care whether is girl or boy first, both are precious to me. But if you really want me to choose, really must choose 1. I will choose a boy. Sharing with him all my Man Utd things and usually boys will have more energy, I’m still young now, I can play with him still. Hahaha. 

Our next appointment with Dr Khi will be on 25th July. Excited much! Will update my child progression appointment by appointment! Excited!!!!!!!!!!!