18th week baby check up

Today is the 18th week.. Counting down another 22 weeks to full term! Can’t wait to see our baby!! 

Went for gynae appointment today and we were damn nervous, because we should be able to know the gender of the baby! Hahaha. At the previous appointment, Dr Khi tried to scan to see if we can see anything obvious(usually only for boy) to guess the gender. We saw something in between the legs, but it was not obvious, so Dr Khi said that it might be a penis, or it might just be the cord. 

In both me and Samantha’s mind, we were guessing a boy all the way leading to today’s appointment. So when we did the scan today, we straight away want to scan for the gender if it’s possible to see. Dr Khi did the scan for us, searching for anything obvious, in between the legs. Nothing…….!! Hahaha. So…….. It could be a girl!!!! We didn’t expect it to be a girl actually. In our heart, we always think that it’s gonna be a boy.. But…. It’s ok!!! She/he is our baby… and Dr Khi said that there is still possibility that it’s a boy, but he’s shy to show his penis so he hide it, but she did mention that it could be a girl. 

Girl……. A daughter……. I never really go and think of my first child being a girl….. Seriously…. But what I do know, i’m gonna be extremely protective of my baby girl…. “Ho say liao!” Hahahaha. I can imagine how I would feel when my girl come to me and say, “Daddy, I have a  boyfriend.” Oh man! I’m so gonna freaked out! Hahahaha. Old traditional father huh. Hahahaha. 

Sept 19th is gonna be the 20th week detailed scan. That scan will finally confirm the gender! Can’t wait!! Happy happy happy!!!


IMG_4706 IMG_4707

Our scan today! Hehehe!


*Gonna blog at every appointment. Always gonna remember the excitement.