My little princess! Mikaela Sia Tian Xi!

Yeah! Last friday went for the gynae appointment with Samantha. Did a 20th week detailed scan. It’s confirmed, we are expecting a little princess on 29th January 2015! Hahaha. My little princess!

We’ve thinking of our kids name since like don’t know how long ago. Hahaha. Anxious parents huh? Hahaha. Our little princess is gonna be named, Mikaela Sia Tian Xi! Mikaela, yes.. Megan Fox name when she was in Transformer 1 and 2. Hahaha. Nice name right? We went to google, Mikaela means Feminine of Michael, meaning gift from God. She is indeed God’s gift to us. I always believe that every child is a gift from God. Our’s came at the right time. We weren’t really ready for kids before. Everything comes in place for us. God has a plan for all our us!

After the appointment, we straight away went to shop for Mikaela’s clothing’s. Remember my previous post? Dr Khi told us not to buy any girly stuff yet, so we went to buy all the boys stuff. Hahaha. So, all we have in our drawer is… boys stuff! Not a lot.. But it’s mostly boys stuff. So… We went to shop for Mikaela’s clothes! Buy and buy. We didn’t really shop like crazy because the baby grow really fast in the first few months, buying the clothes, she might just wear for a few months then can’t wear anymore. Wasted sia….

Anyway, Dr Khi told us that Mikaela is fine.. Everything is normal, just except for her stomach. It’s quite big for a baby! Hahaha. Mikaela, see la… Always want to eat eat eat.. Hahaha. Dr Khi told Samantha to watch her diet because Mikaela is eating quite a lot now and if this continues, she might not be able to be natural delivery. Samantha only gained 1kg for her pregnancy.. So……Mikaela ate all the food! Hahaha. Cute…… Naughty… Hahaha. Always kicking Samantha. I guess Mikaela might love soccer as well. Samantha told me that whenever I’m watching Manchester United game, she will be kicking her quite often. Yeah! Make her a Manchester United supporter like Daddy and Mummy! But….. No soccer for her. Hahaha!

Ok, thats all. Below are the clothes we bought for her and her latest scanning!

IMG_6416 IMG_6417 IMG_6418 IMG_6419 IMG_6420 IMG_6423 IMG_6424 IMG_6425