Counting down to seeing Mikaela

Counting down to seeing Mikaela! This week is gonna be the 31st week! 6 more weeks to full term!! Time flies.. I still remember announcing that I’m gonna be a father and that Samantha is pregnant. Now, 6 more weeks to go, I will see my baby. Hahaha! Excited much, but super nervous too. Kept on asking myself, “will I be a good father to my kid?” “Will I still be a good husband to my wife?” Hahaha. New challenges ahead. New phase of life. So looking forward!

We went shopping for Mikaela’s stuff for the past few weeks. Like her clothes, mattress cover, bottle, etc. So many things to buy and damn expensive! Hahaha. Spend quite a lot already, but thank God that I have an awesome mom who is helping us too.

Oh yeah! I saw Mikaela moving! Hahaha! She’s gonna be a very active baby I think. People say that if the baby kicks more than 10 times a day, it’s normal. If he/she kicks more than 10 times, they are gonna be damn active! Hahaha. I don’t know how true is it, but Mikaela been kicking like 20 times a day. Hahaha. I can really see her kicking at the stomach! So interesting!

Seriously… 6 more weeks… She’s coming…. Can’t wait… Mikaela, Daddy & Mummy can’t wait for your arrival!

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