1st week of being a father!

It’s been 1 week since Mikaela came into this world. 1 week since I became a daddy. WoOOo! What an awesome feeling!

The whole experience waiting at the delivery ward was…… I seriously don’t know how to describe.

Mikaela Sia Tian Xi came into this world on 15th January 2015, 08:19pm. 2.48kg.

How the day went………….Gonna be a long post… Hahaha.

Here goes…

On the day of delivery, in the morning, we went to Dr Khi’s clinic at Thomson Medical Centre at 9am for the induce procedure. Samantha was attached to a machine to check on her contraction. After observing about 20mins, Dr Khi said that Samantha is having quite alot of contraction, so…. most prob the baby is coming out that day! Dr Khi told us to go for our breakfast first, and go straight to the delivery ward at 12pm.

At the delivery ward, we were assigned to Delivery Ward Room 1. Inside, we were just waiting for the dilation to reach 10cm. 10cm seems small right? Ha! It’s a long wait! I’ve heard my friends saying that they can wait til up to 3 days for it to reach 10cm! Anyway, basically while waiting, we just watch TV. Hahaha. The nurses and Dr Khi will come every 2 hrs to check how is the dilation. We waited from 12pm to 3pm, didn’t dilate alot, just maybe about 0.5cm. So…. I went home and shower and came back about 5pm. Waited til 7pm and as I was not provided dinner, I was thinking to go Whampoa market to buy my dinner. But, I was just too lazy to walk to far to buy my dinner so I just waited til Im super hungry. Hahaha. So as usual, the nurse came in to check the dilation. Ok… At 3pm when they checked, it was 4cm only. So, we didn’t think much, we were guessing it might be the next day the baby gonna come as the dilation seems to be moving very slowly. Back to the nurse, she came in at around 7.30pm to check, and we asked her how is it. She said, it’s 9.5cm now! Ready to deliver! Both of us was like, ‘WHAT!” So fast! We couldn’t believe it! Everything just happened¬†very fast, from the nurse calling Dr Khi to come in, arranging the equipments for the delivery. They asked me to prepare my camera, to take photo of the time that the baby was born.

Oh yah, just to side track, I just want to say, Mummies are the most awesome being on earth. The amount of pain and changes they got to go through in the 9months is unbelievable. When I was in the delivery ward with Samantha, the contraction was so painful that even “laughing gas”(it’s a gas to make you drowsy to ease the pain) was totally useless. I couldn’t do anything but just to be by her side. Guys…. Remember to love your wife and mummy even more! =)

Ok.. Back to the delivery. They started to give instructions on how to push the baby out. So, they started to push at 8pm. And, 20mins later, Mikaela arrives!!


Everyone kept asking me how I felt when Mikaela is out. Seriously, I don’t know how was I feeling at that time. It’s just…. so…. real… That Mikaela is there. I am a father now. Really a father. Protect my daughter. Love her.. No longer just me and Samantha, it’s a 3rd family member.

I really don’t know how to describe the feeling. Just glad that it’s all over for Samantha. Moving to a new phase of life for the both of us. =)

1 week has passed. Right now as I’m writing this blog, Mikaela is just sleeping beside me. Hahaha. Amazing feeling huh. She don’t really smile now, all she does now is cry for milk, diapers is dirty, or she’s feel too cold. Waking up every few hours at night just to feed her is no joke. But Samantha dote on me alot. She just let me sleep most of the time. But usually we will take turns to wake up to feed Mikaela.

Mikaela had been very good to us. Hahaha. She usually will sleep for like 4hrs straight without waking up, we got to wake her up to feed her as she’s having jaundice. Just praying hard that the jaundice will just go away quickly so that everyone of us can have a good night rest. =)

Just want to thank all those who wishes us well in Facebook and to those that came to hospital to visit us and bought us gifts. Really thanks alot! Appreciate it alot! =) 10865702_10155137206370424_8100547748993362056_o 10841754_10155137205870424_2276806742739310822_o 10422563_10155137199195424_5700135414400255752_n 10415625_10155137201905424_7758871509346072179_n10945022_10155147703170424_4470406309057447919_n 10922434_10155137204845424_3064482775824066160_n 10898114_10155147703510424_4416563332873810047_n

Lastly, remember, we have Haha at home. People had been telling us that dogs will get very jealous of the baby and will be hostile to them. So we are quite afraid on how Haha is gonna react to Mikaela.

When we reached home, the first thing we did, we let Haha smell Mikaela. Let him know that Mikaela is family. He will need to protect her and love her just as how he love and protect us. Initially you can see that he is jealous, because everyone that visit us, came just to see Mikaela. And our time were always with Mikaela. Carrying her around.

Now, Haha is more receptive of Mikaela, because we still continue shower him with love and spend time with him whenever Mikaela is sleeping. Tired? Yes. It required alot of energy, but it’s all worth it. He’s also our “baobei”. We love him alot too. =)



It’s full term!

It’s finally full term! 37 weeks now! Counting down to the arrival of Mikaela! It’s anytime now! Though it’s still early, but Dr Khi said that it can be anytime now as Mikaela is engaged(meaning at the right position), ready to be out! We are gonna try walking a lot to get Mikaela out asap. Hahaha. We just want to see her real soon!

It’s been a long wait. 9 months, and it’s finally time. I still remember announcing the news to people in June. Now, she’s finally coming. Been feeling her quite a bit recently, she’s gonna be an active baby! Always kicking. Hahaha.

Anyway, we prepared her baby cot, her clothes, lots of our friends bought gifts for Mikaela! So sweet of them! And the clothes are really cute! Hahaha. All is prepared for her arrival. We’ve bought all her stuff and we are ready. Mentally wise, I’m still feeling a bit scare. Been listening to too many advices and happenings. Though they are good, but I always bring it to the negative side. So yeah… I’m just scaring myself.

Another thing I’m worried about is for Haha. Not sure if he is aware that someone new is coming into the family. Read up on how to let babies communicate well with pets. They mentioned that you need to let the dog smell the baby clothes first before bringing the baby back. It’s a way to let the dog know that, “be ready, someone new is coming into the family and this is her smell.” We will not pull Mikaela away from Haha, instead, we will let Haha smell her. I’ve seen a lot examples of dogs being so protective over the babies. I want Haha and Mikaela relationship to be the same.

Now…… Dr Khi says that the latest that we will try to induced, is 15 January, so Mikaela will be out by next week! Yeah!

Samantha and I went out on a date yesterday. We said that it’s gonna be our last solo date out for a while. =) But we promised that we will still continue to date even when Mikaela is out! Never neglect your spouse! Never! =) Just continue to give each other attention and love. Yeah!

I guess, next post will be the arrival of Mikaela!

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