It’s full term!

It’s finally full term! 37 weeks now! Counting down to the arrival of Mikaela! It’s anytime now! Though it’s still early, but Dr Khi said that it can be anytime now as Mikaela is engaged(meaning at the right position), ready to be out! We are gonna try walking a lot to get Mikaela out asap. Hahaha. We just want to see her real soon!

It’s been a long wait. 9 months, and it’s finally time. I still remember announcing the news to people in June. Now, she’s finally coming. Been feeling her quite a bit recently, she’s gonna be an active baby! Always kicking. Hahaha.

Anyway, we prepared her baby cot, her clothes, lots of our friends bought gifts for Mikaela! So sweet of them! And the clothes are really cute! Hahaha. All is prepared for her arrival. We’ve bought all her stuff and we are ready. Mentally wise, I’m still feeling a bit scare. Been listening to too many advices and happenings. Though they are good, but I always bring it to the negative side. So yeah… I’m just scaring myself.

Another thing I’m worried about is for Haha. Not sure if he is aware that someone new is coming into the family. Read up on how to let babies communicate well with pets. They mentioned that you need to let the dog smell the baby clothes first before bringing the baby back. It’s a way to let the dog know that, “be ready, someone new is coming into the family and this is her smell.” We will not pull Mikaela away from Haha, instead, we will let Haha smell her. I’ve seen a lot examples of dogs being so protective over the babies. I want Haha and Mikaela relationship to be the same.

Now…… Dr Khi says that the latest that we will try to induced, is 15 January, so Mikaela will be out by next week! Yeah!

Samantha and I went out on a date yesterday. We said that it’s gonna be our last solo date out for a while. =) But we promised that we will still continue to date even when Mikaela is out! Never neglect your spouse! Never! =) Just continue to give each other attention and love. Yeah!

I guess, next post will be the arrival of Mikaela!

IMG_7632 IMG_7633 IMG_7634 IMG_7635 IMG_7598 IMG_7601

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