Taking care of Mikaela alone.

Mikaela is 2 months old now. Seriously, I’ve never really taken care of her alone. Alone means, REALLY ALONE. Samantha will be not around, my mom will not be around. So it’s just Mikaela and me.

So… I had a couple of experience with Mikaela alone recently. 1st experience was when Samantha had a dental appointment. So we send her to the dentist, and here we are, alone together. Hahaha. It was in the car. I was driving, and she is on her infant seat at the back seats. I went to meet one of colleague for dinner. On the way to my colleague’s house, she was fine. Just looking outside. It’s a very cute sight! Hahaha. It was when after dinner, the hard part came. Sent my colleague home, Mikaela started crying non stop. I was driving! Couldn’t do anything at all! I was trying my best to calm her down all the whole journey when we were going to fetch Samantha. I did all I can, talking to her, assuring her.. Even singing to her! Hahaha. But.. It just doesn’t work! So, luckily it was a short journey. Samantha came and she calmed Mikaela. Hahaha. I was so relieved. =)

2nd experience was bathing Mikaela alone. Usually Samantha or my mom will be supervising me when Im bathing her. Just to ensure that everything is fine and I’m doing the right way. Yeah… Everytime it goes well usually, until yesterday. Samantha was busy packing things for Mikaela. I was there bathing her alone. Everything was fine until I mixed up 1 of the step, and Mikaela started crying! Non stop crying! I tried to talk to her and assure her everything is fine…. But, she just kept crying. I quickly bath her and dress her up, but she still wouldn’t stop. I felt so like shit…. A shitty father I am. Why? Why? Why I can’t even console my own daughter. Haiz.. I just carried her and walked around.. Pacify her. In the end, she stopped crying when Samantha took over. Yeah…

The 2nd experience really made me feel so……… useless… as a father.. I still got a lot to learn.. and yes, and it’s really ALOT….. I just need to keep trying, trying… and trying…….

Mikaela… Daddy will be a better father to you ok?? I promise… =)


2 months old

Mikaela will be 2 months old this Sunday! It’s amazing how fast babies grow so much within a short period! Hahaha.


Left side, she was just 1 week old. Right side. NOW! Nearly 2 months old! hahaha. The clothes she’s wearing is from the same pack of clothes we bought for her. Gonna cannot wear soon! Time to buy another set of clothes. Keep the current one for our next baby! Hahaha. Ok.. Not so soon will have 2nd one.

Looking at the speed she’s growing, she will soon be a toddler, then a kid, then teenager and continue to grow. Both Samantha and I just want to cherish the time when she’s closest to us. Taking photos and videos of her everyday if possible to keep all the memories of her growing up.


Her first day.


Just about to discharge from hospital. Still so small!


Just arrive at home! Hahaha.

10933919_10155175561290424_5726390305852815667_n 10984048_10155206995485424_8271864633917192617_n

Still so small right? Hahaha.


One of the recent photos at Taiwan.

Gonna miss these times of her needing us and wanting us always. Getting our attention. Though sometime it’s annoying… Hahaha. But… I think it’s precious to us now… =)

Love you Mikaela! – Daddy, Mummy and Haha!

Finally! Year End Trip to USA!

Finally! We’ve booked for our trip to US! YEAH! After 4 years… We are going back to our favorite country! We went there for our honeymoon in 2011 the next day after our wedding dinner. Unbelievable feeling! USA to both Samantha and I is awesome! We had a great great great time there! Always wanted to plan and go back there but it’s just too expensive. Just our flight tickets there in 2011, it cost us $3500 EACH! EACH! That’s freaking alot! Hmmm… So this time round, it must be more expensive or around the same price right? Nope! It’s $3800plus for 3 person! Samantha, me and Mikaela! And we are flying by Singapore Airlines! It’s consider cheap for USA tickets. So, we just bought it.

The previous time we went, we travelled to Orlando, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Orlando was because of the Universal Studios. Harry Potter Theme Park. It was the first in the world at that time!

200580_10150450159710424_7514155_n 198989_10150449652760424_2322658_n 189526_10150449653780424_6854389_n195907_10150449640310424_5131535_n197831_10150455419350424_3804707_n200611_10150449649085424_7479223_n

Happy max! Hahaha.

The biggest regret I have was that I didn’t manage to enjoy Las Vegas when I was there. I fell sick the moment I touched down. Totally no strength at all! I did tour around awhile, but couldn’t really take any photos of the place. Just walk about finding medicine for my fever. We watched Phantom of the Opera at Venetian, but left halfway as I was really very unwell. This time round, we gonna go shopping! Heard that Vegas factory outlet is cheapest in US, so it’s time to shop shop shop! Hahaha. Gonna go around taking alot of photos as well. Pray that I won’t fall sick again!!

188600_10150455427600424_6679697_n 190152_10150455438150424_3448153_n

We gonna go LA as well. For 3 nights. Didn’t really enjoy alot at LA.. Don’t know why. Just didn’t find it very interesting. Just love the In and Out Burger! Hahaha. Gonna explore more this time! Oh yah! Got one awesome experience! Haha. We got to go Santa Monica! It wasn’t part of our itinerary actually, but we got lost and we found ourselves at the beach. Damn nice beach!!! Damn freaking nice! Ok. This time we will confirm be going there again. Hahaha.

206291_10150538331770424_6293679_n 206660_10150538668585424_2043929_n 215470_10150538304010424_782131_n 217098_10150538317515424_1903974_n

Lastly, going to New York CITY! Time Square!!! Gonna spend Christmas there. WHITE CHRISTMAS! That’s if it’s snowing when we are there! hahaha. Heard that there’s nothing much to do during Christmas period, but we just want to experience a different Christmas this time round! YEAH!!!

Christmas and New Year will be spend in US! Totally can’t wait for December to come!

Save Save Save! $$$$$$ =) Excited much!

Taiwan Trip – First family trip together!

First family trip to overseas! Met with quite a few objections when we decided to go for the trip… But we went ahead and came back safely! Before we left, we prayed for God’s grace and protection over the family trip. =)

Anyway, my previous post mentioned about the flight journey, what went through our mind, and what we did for the journey to keep Mikaela sleep throughout the journey. We did it! Both to Taiwan and back to Singapore! The flight to Taiwan, as mentioned, was scary, “don’t know what to expect feeling”. Trip back Singapore was ok! Everything was fine! We were as nervous or scare as the first trip. We were glad that Mikaela was a good girl as well. =)

Ok.. This is my 5th time to Taiwan. Just wanted to have a getaway from Singapore. Taiwan was a good choice as we’ve been there a few times, so there isn’t anything interesting for us to explore or what, so we just did what we were comfortable. Walking around familiar places. Eating the food we love. TAIWAN FOOD! BEST!!! Hahaha.

We stayed at Just Sleep Hotel. Great location, great service! Clean room! Very nice room! Highly recommended! We didn’t stay at the usual place we will normally stay when we were in Taiwan previously as we heard a very scary incident in the room. So… First trip with Mikaela with us, safety is our main priority! Basically for this whole trip, it was just to relax trip. We went out at around noon time, go out for 2-3hrs then went back to hotel because Mikaela will usually start to be abit cranky when we out for long hours. We always buy food back to hotel to eat in so that Mikaela can rest in the hotel and we will go out again. We took cab for the whole trip, and taiwan cabs are really cheap! The most expensive cab is actually only SGD$10. Hahaha. Cheap right!? All the food are cheap too! SO… Taiwan is a great place to relax and chill! hahaha.

We really enjoyed the whole experience at Taiwan! Planning for our next trip already! USA! Will be going there in December. Spending our Christmas and New year there! Can’t wait for it! Our last trip there was in 2011 for our honeymoon! =) Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

11039189_10155285192005424_3624545427751169377_n 11038400_10155285191510424_3148491246766229197_n 11037356_10155285192520424_1733961271223943643_o 11026278_10155292284905424_7824119685479551641_n 11021490_10155292282475424_3889099342011443404_o 11021267_10155292286740424_6717714029857376995_n 11013501_10155292282625424_6084105109718644409_n 11009121_10155285198395424_2022139227453582531_n 11006476_10155285189625424_8388955667200955247_n 10993117_10155285197100424_5376868365796035766_o 10991534_10155292280640424_3743609752867614441_o 10903943_10155292280075424_6069530232523012366_o 10506864_10155285194875424_5011200686938950152_o