It’s not as easy as ABCD

I guess I was very naive in the beginning when we started selling our house. Thinking that with the house fully renovated, people will just grab and take the house when they come for viewing. It’s not so easy.

When the first group of people came for viewing, initially I was damn excited and nervous! Thinking, “this is it! Confirm sell liao!” ┬áHahaha. But nope. None of them came back with an offer. Waited and waited. Every week there will be quite a few groups coming in for viewing. There were the serious one, and the non serious one. The serious one, they will usually start looking around, take note of the small details, ask quite a number of questions. Their stay usually last about 15-20mins.

Non serious one. Come in, walk around the house, and never say a word and……… they are gone…….. Less than 5mins. Wasted my time. Sometimes I got to rush back from office to be home when they want to come for viewing. Imagine how frustrated I am when they were not even serious about buying. But never mind… I learn… Hahaha.

Then come 1 day.. An auntie offered. We accepted. But when it’s time to put a deposit… She said something happened at home and cancelled the appointment.. I was like..”WTH! SERIOUSLY!?” Yeah.. In my mind, I believe that it’s just an excuse to not accept the house. Never mind. Just move on…

We were actually aiming to move to our new house by this year. But as the time drags on, I guess it’s kind of difficult. We just waited and waited. Going through the whole process again of letting people view. Yeah…

So finally! A serious buyer offered!!! Hahaha. FINALLY! Their initial offer was lower than our asking price. Much lower. We did;t want to accept. So yeah… Told them to consider again.. But in my mind, I felt that they won’t come back and offer again.

This time, I was wrong. The next day, they came back with a higher offer. WooOOOo~~!! We accepted! Hahaha! They put the deposit and here it goes! We are really selling the house!

Now it’s time for us to look for our next home. Looking at 5 room flats…. Hopefully we can get our next house soon! Can’t wait~~!! =)