Finally… We found our 2nd home!

Selling your house now isn’t really as easy as last time as there are a lot of BTOs coming up. People would rather buy BTOs as they are brand new.

We finally sold our flat! After maybe about 2 months of waiting? Groups and groups came in to view our house and finally its sold!

So we started looking around. What both Samantha and I hoped was that our new house must be near MRT station and shopping mall. But it seems quite impossible as the price would be damn expensive. All we can do is pray for God’s miracle to happen again.

So….. God is indeed good! We found a house, 3mins walk away from Tampines mrt and it’s 3mins walk to Tampines mall! Very near! Hahaha. And we bought at a price that we can afford! YES LA!! Hahaha.

Actually before we bought this house, we had a bad experience with their agent. We started looking around for houses even when we haven’t sold our house yet. We were looking through Propertyguru, and found this house.. It was advertised in March. I called the agent to enquire about the house and wish to do a viewing. Usually agents are very friendly and nice, but I was shocked to find out that this agent was rude and not helpful. I want to arrange a viewing on Saturday 12pm, he say cannot. He say only got viewing after 3pm. WHAT THE HELL! Hahaha. Never mind. So i say 3pm, ok? He say can. But hor.. the house very near mrt track, the train sound very loud… You seriously want to come and view? Oh man… What kind of agent is he! We decided to give this house a miss as the agent was totally not interested in selling. Hahaha.

So we went around looking for suitable houses. Nothing good was in the marketing during that time. Looking around for 2 months plus, but didn’t manage to find somewhere we like. We decided to give it a try again for that house which has a rude agent. Called him, this time we managed to arrange a viewing. When we reached there, he wasn’t even interested in explaining to us about the house. He just say, go ahead and look around. So we did. The house is really big. 5A, 133sqm. Not bad right.. We love the house! But we didn’t want to offer yet as he is still not very nice, we rather give to someone who gives us better service. HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, after a few weeks of looking around, we decided to get that house as my brother-in-law who is our agent said that the location was good, and it’s easy to sell next time if we wish to move again. We offered, they counter offer, we offered again, they counter offer again. hahaha. Interesting bargaining process. Finally we agreed a price! YESH! hahaha. We will be moving! MOVING! Hopefully the renovation can be done before we go USA for holiday in December! Exciting end of year ahead!

New car, NEW HOUSE! hahahaha! Can’t wait for 2016!