“Traveling back in time”

In life, we are always so busy. Moving on and on. So much changes in our life as we grow older.

Recently, I had a meeting at Bukit Batok. So after the meeting, was on the way home. Driving…. I happen to drive pass the path which was so familiar to me in the past. The path which always use to walk to school, Shatec. I decided to just drive to the school and see how it looks now since I left in year 2006. Time flies…. As I was passing through the path, memories of the past memories of walking to school kept flowing back. Really sweet and fun memories.

I’ve done this way of remembering the moments quite a few times. Driving along the paths that I had used during my Primary, Secondary school days. It was a nice feeling. Remembering the old days. Recalling all the memories I had. Sweet… Yes to me.

I guess when I grow old and before I “go”.. I would like to go back to the places which I had lots of memories of. Like the schools I’ve studied, the houses that I stayed in. I guess it will be fun. It might seem boring to my grandchildren, or even my kids. But I feel, these memories will always be fun and sweet to me cause this is the life I had been through.


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