Our 2nd home.

Our 2nd home… We are moving in 1.5months time!!! We are so happy! We collected our keys from the owner yesterday, today went to HDB Hub to sign the necessary documents to be the owner of our new house!

The buyer of our current came today as well. Now he is the owner of my house, and I’m a tenant of the house as our agreement was that we are allowed to stay at our current house for another 3 months to let us have a house to stay when our new house in undergoing renovation.

We are gonna renovate almost the whole house. From the flooring to the electricity, except the windows as it’s still quite well maintained. It will take about 6 weeks to complete the whole renovation. Really can’t wait for the outcome!

We got quite a good price for renovating the house. For a 5 room flat, it’s counted as cheap already. The interior designer even did a 3D graphic of how our house is gonna look like. As there’s no carpentry work done at the living room, he only did the graphic for our room, kitchen and toilet.

bedroom opt 2 Kitchen Master Bath 2

We love the photos! Hahaha. But now must see if he really can deliver this design that both of us wanted. We just want a simple renovation as there is a tight budget. So along the way if more money then will do other renovation.

Our new house is 132sqm. Really huge even for a 5room flat! Plenty of space for Mikaela and Haha to move around the house. Hahaha.

Anyway, after collecting the keys, we went to the house and prayed over the house. Dedicate the house to God’s hands. He will always be the centre of our family.

12185036_10156188558045424_2676496592389017468_o 12185434_10156188558150424_2242083472083267074_o 12188110_10156188558035424_8981058719780208829_o 12191328_10156188558030424_4064910521880181790_o

These are the current state of the house. Quite old. So need to renovate the whole house. Now awaiting for the renovation to start on Friday!

This year had been a busy and money burning year for us. First is the arrival of Mikaela, a new car(COE expiring in Dec), new house and USA trip! Hahaha. Burn money, BURN!!! YEAH! Just pray that this year will end well… =)