Reflections on 2015

2015 is ending! This year isn’t an easy year for myself. In terms of workplace and personal life.



January! Mikaela was born! Hahaha. Life is so different now. It’s been 11 months since her arrival. She really brought a lot of joy in the family! Seeing her growing up is an incredible feeling… Had to describe. And even now, I’m still learning how to take care of her alone. Learning to be a father to her. =)

New car! Just recently our old car’s COE has expired. So we went to buy a new 2nd hand car. =) Nothing much to say about that.

New house! WoOOhoo!! Much much bigger than our previous one!!

States trip! We’ve been waiting for nearly a year for this trip. By the way, I’m typing this in Florida, Orlando! Last week of the holiday. Really don’t want to go back Singapore for work…. =(

So many things happened this year. Still in the process of learning, either at work or my family.

Hasn’t been the best year for myself. Really hope that 2016 will be a better year!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Better year!!! Praying hard…




Can’t wait to move in!

Finally! The 3rd exciting thing for both Samantha and I is…….. OUR NEW HOUSE! It’s finally done!!

We started looking around for our new house since February. Seriously speaking, finding a house that we like and can match our budget, it’s very very difficult.

Anyway, we found our new house! It wasn’t in a great condition, but the location is fantastic! I think I blogged about it previously. Anyway, just to cut the story short. We did a whole house renovation. Our ID is awesome!! The final outcome of our house is fantastic! We love it! Hehehe. Both Samantha and I wanted a simple concept to the house as we felt that we do a designed design house, the design might be outdated in the future and it will be harder to sell. So we kept it simple. =)


After renovation.



After renovation.



After renovation



After renovation.

Gonna take nicer photos of the house when everything is ready. I’m so excited to move in! This week is the WEEK! YEAH!!! HAHAHA! =)