USA Trip 2015(Part 1, Los Angeles)

Finally… Have abit of time to write down on my USA trip. Got to say, it’s a super relaxing trip.. Quite rush as we want to cover as many places of interest as possible. Experience wise.. Hmm.. It’s a different trip from my honeymoon trip in 2011. Total, we went for about 20 days trip.

So, on 18th Dec, it’s our holiday! We managed to purchase the tickets at a promo price from SQ. Total air fares is $3500! For the 3 of us! Samantha, Mikaela and myself! Hahaha. Why I say until like it’s so freaking cheap was because, in 2011 when we went for our honeymoon, it’s freaking $3500 each! Hahaha. This is the first time we are using bassinet on flight. We booked the first row as the bassinet is located there. EXTRA LEG SPACE! Hahaha. On our flight to Los Angeles, there were about 4 couples(including us) that has babies on board. I was thinking how would the other passengers respond to it. Sure damn sian one, as some babies will keep crying and crying. Hahaha. But amazingly, all the babies were well behaved. Didn’t really cry alot, just very grouchy as it’s a long flight.


We had to transit at Narita before taking the flight to Los Angeles for another 11 hours! Actually, I hate long haul flights. Why??? Because I will feel damn dirty! Hair oily, never bath. Wah liew eh! Sure damn disgusting one. hahaha. When we disembark the plane at Narita airport, the first thing I did was, I went to the one of the airport staff and asked for bathing facility. She told me that only Business class passengers will have access to their resting lounge which has Shower facility. So yeah.. Disappointed and went off. So….. as we were doing our window shopping.. I still wouldn’t give up, I went to the customer service counter and asked again, and you know what!?! They say they have Shower facility for normal passengers as well!! But, you have to pay. USD$15. At that point of time, I don’t care already. I just want to bath! Hahaha. So off we went. The location of the Shower facility is at Narita Airport, just opposite Gate 27.

The shower facility is USD$15 for 1 hour. WHO WILL BATH FOR 1 HOUR SIA!? Hahaha. Maybe for the ladies that needs to put on make up ba. The shower room is really very small. For my size, I got to squeeze into the room. Hahaha.


I showered for about 20mins. Take my own sweet time and enjoy……hahaha. After showering, we went to take our next flight to Los Angeles fully re-charged and feeling damn clean! hahaha.


When we arrived at Los Angeles, we went to collect our vehicle from the car rental(Advantage). I strongly don’t recommend using Advantage unless you really on a tight budget. Their service was bad. Car was in bad condition. SO NO NO NO! Do not use them unless you really have no choice.

We rented a house through airbnb. Quite centralized. Near to Hollywood boulevard. After unpacking all our stuff, we wanted to have a quick nap before going out. A quick nap became a long sleep. Hahaha. We slept til about 9pm! Nothing to see already. hahaha. But we didn’t want to spend our first day there without going out and we were hungry also. So we went to buy the famous IN AND OUT BURGER!! WooHOoo!! Love their burgers and especially the ANIMAL FRIES!!! Animal Fries is like their special item. It’s basically, everything in the fries. Sauces, onions….etc. Oh yah.. It’s not in their food menu, so don’t panic and just order. Pardon for those photos. I was too hungry..Just anyhow take. Hahaha.


The next day, we went to the Airport to fetch Tina! Yeah! This is actually the first time I’m travelling with Tina after so many years of friendship. Hahahaha!


We fetched her back to our place and off we went to our next destination which is… MALIBU!!! We always get to see Malibu on through the television and through Gordon Ramsey instagram. It looks damn beautiful! We googled the place and it’s just about 1 hr drive from Los Angeles. When we googled Malibu, we saw a few recommendations from people to drive on the Pacific Highway because the scenery was awesome! We only knew that we were using that highway when we reached Malibu. Hahaha. The scenery like what everyone said, is beautiful! Mountains and mountains. WoOoo!

1909440_10156380161240424_3085250815137721942_o10557748_10156380161675424_2692695459661566107_o - Copy921427_10156380162150424_7142117709125747035_o - Copy12339254_10156380162445424_4093557090813551012_o10644589_10156380161805424_5191886673129136123_o

I think for Malibu.. I just let the photos do the talking.. =)

7497_10156368880430424_8972463069725381514_n10557104_10156380162610424_3450506982546381580_o12374888_10156380384655424_7883063993909665613_o999953_10156380384670424_898053010464914946_n774743_10156380418690424_6432447685621995875_o12440542_10156380385205424_6191591974769156080_o10275486_10156380418640424_2016768330202610530_o - Copy1931325_10156368880995424_6221929192762783989_n885176_10156380400450424_955883330473114569_o10258342_10156380385520424_1418788632075300272_o - Copy12401923_10156380385360424_7166083567795198230_o1412243_10156380385150424_590752706001967394_o11252680_10156380400380424_5257846466664379481_o10557023_10156380385385424_3277242429723868334_o1933655_10156380384720424_7940622778297238583_o1935806_10156368881030424_5745668249498689996_n1292415_10156380435805424_5834342188890429383_o10339389_10156380400730424_537265811418906001_o883689_10156380400815424_6870704843759208365_o1909269_10156380435965424_5999257164724694459_o12401766_10156390813070424_2340610443070735363_o12466072_10156390813675424_2498833353949160723_o12402200_10156390812750424_3587707355796983944_o




It will always be a mystery….

Just came back from a soccer game… WooOoo.. Great game… Hahaha.

Anyway.. just want to note it down this interesting, mystery incident I had when I was on the way to the game.

So… I was on my way to the game, it was at SIA Sports Club. So.. As I do not know where’s the location, so I decided to use my GPS on my phone. Usually, I will just type the name of the place, eg. SIA Sports Club, and it will appear the address of the place. So, I just click on the first search result and off I go with the GPS directing me to my destination. The search result was SIA SPORTS CLUB IN CHANGI.

So as I went, it brought me to Changi Air Base that area and I got to Hendon Camp, then I saw Old Changi Hospital on my right side. Remember how I went there when I was younger.

Then when I was making turns and turns to reach my destination. I came to a lonely road.. Just my car.. No other cars..


As shown above from google map. This was the road I was in. And I was ask to turn into this small road. You can see it from the taxi, there is an entrance to turn in. I went ahead and turn in and my GPS told me, “You have reach your destination.” I was like.. What the shit… Where is the field??? I must have gone to the wrong place. So.. I decided to search for the SIA Sports Club website to find the address. Just as I was about to click search.. I received a call from Samantha(my wife) from her mobile. Of cause I will need to answer right? Hahaha. I answered. Silence greeted me.. Then I said “hello??? Hello????” I got a reply.. BUT THE VOICE WASN’T SAMANTHA’s VOICE! It was an auntie voice, maybe around 50plus year old saying ” zuo mo???” Then I said “hello??” again. Then she repeated “zuo mo???” I started to feel very weird… I hang up the phone and called back Samantha. She answered.. It was her voice..I mean Samantha’s voice. hahaha. I asked her, why you call me just now?? She said she didn’t. Asked my mom, she also say didn’t. I don’t believe, I look my call log data, I did received a call from Samantha just 1 min ago. I print screen and send it to her.. ALL THESE WHILE I DIDN’t REALISE THAT I WAS ALONE IN THE ROAD!! Hahaha.

So…. I don’t know is it Singtel line gone crazy and linked my line to another person line, but it’s quite impossible because I didn’t call out, so I was the one receiving call and Samantha didn’t even dial my number. So…. Who called me???? I don’t know and don’t wish to know.. Hahaha. Praying for God’s protection. Pleasse dont let it be a test for me. I am sure to fail… =))