Recently, lots of people were sharing on articles or videos on certain group of people were trying to “kidnap” their kids at shopping malls. There was a video that caught my attention. It was about how the group will act as if they are the family members of the mother of the kid and started to say the mother was torturing the kid and started to grab the kid away even though the mother was saying she doesn’t know them. As it looks like a family dispute, so the crowd didn’t do anything to help the mother. Luckily there was a lady who seems to know the scam stopped them from leaving. This is such a scary case. I really hope that it will not happen in Singapore.

After watching the videos, I remember Samantha and I had an experience before. Not the same as the video. Not so drama. But it was scary when we think about it. It was before Mikaela turn 1 year old. And during that time, there were reports of cases that people grab the kid away while the parents were not looking. I’m not sure if ours was like that, but just want to share.

We went to Vivocity for shopping during 1 of the weekend. As Mikaela couldn’t walk that time, we brought the baby pram with us. We were at FOX the clothing shop, Samantha was looking at clothes for Mikaela in the shop while I was waiting outside the shop with Mikaela. Then came an old uncle. He came really near us and started to play with Mikaela, making funny faces, but not touching her, so I was ok with it. Then he started to ask me how old is she, when was she born all these. I just answer him, but never say the date of the birthday. Then he started moving really close to us, and I felt quite uncomfortable, but I just hold on to the pram tightly and started to shield Mikaela from him. Samantha saw the incident and started to call me to come into the shop to see the clothes with her. When I went in, she asked me who’s the uncle and she said that she was feeling very uncomfortable with him. As I didn’t think much of it, I told her he might be waiting for someone in the shop. But….. in the shop, there was only my family and other family. When I looked for him, he was still outside the shop looking at us, standing there. So we started to feel really uneasy.. We stayed in the shop for a while more to get our stuffs. When we left the shop, he was no longer there.

It might be we think too much la… But as a parent, you should never take the risk. Can you imagine if you just relax for a moment, and your child is taken, you will surely regret for the rest of your life. I’m not saying whoever comes to you and wanna play with your kid, they have bad motives. You just need to be more careful. After that incident and reading all the articles, we will always be very close with Mikaela even when she knows how to walk and run now. So…. Be safe!!!


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