It’s a joy to see Mikaela growing up. Almost everyday you will see that she has something new to show you. Maybe is a word, a number or new actions.

Recently Mikaela starts to “sabo” Haha(my dog’s name). Hahaha. Whenever Haha is upset with us, he will either pee on different places, or just poo on the floor. This is his way of throwing tantrum. Hahaha. Usually he does that when we leave our house. So.. One day, after my mom and Samantha left for work, Mikaela and I stayed home as Mikaela was not well. I was still sleeping in the room. Haha started barking when they left the house, so Mikaela will shout “Haha! No! Down!”. Hahaha! But Haha usually ignores her. Maybe he don’t treat her as master yet. Hahaha. Anyway, so when I woke up, I went to the kitchen still in my sleepy state to grab drink. Mikaela start to scream “HAHA! HAHA! Ta Ta gu Ta ti(baby language)” and pointing to a specific location. I went to have a look at where she was pointing and I saw Haha’s urine on the floor under one of our table in the corner of our living room. That corner is actually quite hard to discover as there is quite a lot of Mikaela’s toys there, so we don’t usually pay attention to that location. When Mikaela started screaming to alert me of Haha’s bad deed, Haha looked at Mikaela and just walked back to his cage with a guilty face. I was thinking to myself that Haha must be thinking “WTS! Why you sago me???!” Hahaha. Ok.. I think too much.. Hahaha. Anyway, Haha loves Mikaela.. Even after that incident, he will still her bully him. Hahaha. I’m sure as Mikaela grows up, she will surely be very close with Haha. =)



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