My friend Glen

Hmmm… I’m flying off to Shanghai le! Hahaha. But just feel the need to write down something that I’m very proud to have. My friend Glen Qiu. Hahaha.

Just went to his Fitness Movement League Competition to support him at Star Vista. Even though he didn’t win, we(Sam, Eileen, Tina) really felt very proud of him for his achievement. Hahaha.

I knew Glen since we were 16 yrs old during a church cell group meeting. Didn’t know why, but we clicked quite well with each other. Always skip church together, hang out together, and strangely, we have some very common things. Like, both our sisters have the same birthdate and same year! Hahaha. Totally the same. We both retained during our secondary school days. Hahaha! We both are very big size… a lot of people say when we walk together, it’s rather scary. Hahaha. But we always have our differences, like he is a die hard Chelsea fan and I’m a die hard Manchester United fan. Always fighting with each other over our supporting clubs. Though sometimes it can get rather irritating, but I really enjoy this kind of friendship with him. 

Throughout our friendship, we were always known as the big size partners. Our friends call him Pui Kia or ah bui.. and call me pui hong. Hahaha. So that’s was it. Until recently, Glen went into an slimming product, or he can say it’s a detox program. Hahaha. Ok… this was him before. (Sorry Glen, I went to your Facebook to get your old photos. Hahahaha!!)

This was him and me. You can see his face still round round one. Hahaha. Even though the both of us go gym and train,  but we were never able to be lean. But he did it! 

He started the program in Dec 2014.

Can see the difference? I’m quite sure he’s gonna kill me for posting. Hahaha. But it’s really effective for him. Ok… people will ask me why I didn’t try the program. I did.. but I can’t “tahan” the detox days so I gave up. Hahaha. It really requires very strong determination and discipline to achieve the effect. Anyway, he kept on going. Training and doing the program and he decided to challenge himself and enter his first ever fitness competition. He say it’s not bodybuilding. So yeah.. I just call it fitness competition. Hahaha. And today is the day of his competition! This is the outcome of all his intense training and strict diet.

Wow man!! Though I still like to disturb him, but seriously, I’m really proud of his achievement! Even though he didn’t win, but we were so proud of him! Who will guess he can one day go up stage and compete with so many people and his body can be so nice?? Hahaha! 

Just wanna say I’m really proud of him, but I will still continue to poke fun at his fitness regime. 😊😊😊 

Congrats and do better next year Glen!


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