Didn’t expect I will have 4 months of jobless period. Wanted to just rest and relax for around 1 month plus while doing Uber to earn some money, but instead, I had 4 months of rest! Hahaha. Market was really bad and it’s during the end of the year, so it’s so much harder to secure a job that I will like and is willing to meet my expected salary. Finally.. I’m back to the workforce once again! Next Monday will be my first day at work. I won’t be working in the healthcare industry this time round. Wanna try out something new before I get too old. So… It’s not just a new job.. It’s a whole new industry, whole new environment. Just pray hard that I will be able to learn fast and do well.

During this period of rest, I was doing Uber. Was a fun experience. Travelled to places I’ve never been before in Singapore. Seen the most beautiful houses as well. Most of my passengers were very nice people. Very nice to chat with. Hahaha. Met up with a few nasty ones as well. Hahahaha. There was 2 trips which I will always remember.

1st Trip – Passenger was a husband and wife(I guess so), wife was pregnant. When they board my car, there was a very strong alcohol smell. Their destination was to Thomson Medical. Wife was going to deliver the baby. Both of them didn’t seem very excited or nervous. Husband told me lower down my radio volume as it gives him headaches, and fell asleep without caring about the wife. Wife felt nothing and just started to scroll her handphone. Then suddenly she told the husband, “ehhh… Why she just transfer $500??? Siao ah.. Where got enough???? I told her to transfer more de leh!” And after that she told the husband to contact the family that she’s gonna give birth. Husband just nod his head and said ” yah la yah la” and went back to sleep. Haiz… I just kept quiet, and drive them to their destination. Hope that they will take good care of the baby…

2nd Trip – Went to this condo kind of apartment but there isn’t any security to open the gantry, and the apartment was like in the middle of the road. I can’t turn into the condo, I can’t reverse out too as there’s a lot of cars driving past. Called the passenger, and he just say “yah la yah la… I’m coming down now.” Ok… I wait. He came down with his gf. Used GPS to guide me to their destination. Asked the passenger if he has any preferred route he wants to go, he replied “no, just follow GPS”. Ok. I follow. GPS guided me through all the small roads, so there was turning turning and turning. Guy started to say “ehh… Why you keep going these weird roads? Trying to go longer way to earn more money is it?” Then he turn to his gf and said “I would have reached my office if he go by the other way.” Then I explained to him that I just simply follow the GPS and he kept quiet. In my mind I was thinking, “hello… excuse me… Uber drivers won’t cheat your money de leh! In order to earn more incentives, Uber driver got to complete more trips. If your trip is like Cineleisure to Plaza Singapura, I will be happier than your trip from Cineleisure to Jurong point!!!!!!! Ok.. Nevermind. GPS indicate I’ve reached the destination. But the location is like out of no where. So I asked them where would they want me to alight them. Guess what’s their reply…… “I don’t know where to stop. I never been to the location before.” WTS!?!?! You still come and say ” I would have reached my office earlier” and now you tell me you never been there before. So I just have to keep turning and turning and turning to find the building. Angry! Pissed! I gave him 1 star rating. Hahaha. But I guess he gave me a low rating as well.. But who cares…. Hahaha. Ok… Enough of my ranting… End of story!

*back to happier things*

Just want to take this chance to thank my wife and mom. They’ve been supported me all this while, from the decision of leaving my previous job and til my current new job. They had been always supportive. Thank you baby and Mama! =)

It’s about 4 months ago since my last day at my previous job… Time flies man… Left the company without securing a new job and chose to work as an Uber Driver during this period. It was a tough decision to leave, but it was the right decision. I just needed to find the joy back again. Praying hard that the choice I made this time round will be a good one and a one that will last.. Hahaha. Just pray hard and trust that God will guide me through during my work life in that company. All the best to me!!

WooooOOo!! This year is really an incredible fast year! Still remember that this period of last year, we were preparing for our trip to USA. Looking through the photos we took during the trip and it’s amazing at the speed of how Mikaela grown so much!

12485952_10156398687755424_701319688056118460_oCan you believe it that this was just 1 year ago at Vegas!!! She was still nearly hairless.. hahahaha!!!

And now she looks like this..

img_1714My baby girl is growing up! hehehe! So much difference! Oh yeah.. She was in this korean  traditional due the performance due to some K2 graduation ceremony. Hahaha. Heard from the teachers that Mikaela usually dances very well during rehearsals, but I guess she was damn nervous and shock to see such a big audience looking at them performing.



When playground kids came in wearing their Korea costume, it was so cute!!!! Hahaha. The teachers started to guide them along to dance and perform, but none of the kids performed and just stood there and start looking for the parents. I realize one bad thing during that performance was that the parents were laughing. Though they laughed as they find the kids were very cute standing there and not doing anything. But I think this reaction will only make the kids so afraid. Even for an adult, performing in front of a big crowd will be so difficult, what about the kids??? I think it will be damn traumatizing for the them!

At the last segment, they all gathered again to sing the final song. Parents were invited to come to the front to join the kids so that they won’t be so afraid. WISE MOVE!! =)

Ok… Face the new challenge next monday! All the best to myself! =)


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