Had thought about parenting today when I fetched Mikaela home from school. Just feel that I need to note it down.

As usual, I went to fetch Mikaela after work. Helped her wear her shoes and got her to say bye bye to the teachers when she was leaving. Same routine everyday. Usually we will hold her hand or carry her while walking to the carpark. But today, I had a thought. Why not I just walk behind her and let her lead the way, or let her walk on her own since I was not in a hurry.

Mikaela walked in front of me. Didn’t turn around to look for me, just kept on walking the same path we walked every evening. We will always walk pass this kids playground and Mikaela will always want to go into the playground to play, but we will usually not allow her to go in to play and tell her say we need to go home for dinner. If she start insisting, usually I will just carry her to the lift as she will not want to walk away from the playground area. However, I let her decide today on what she want to do. She stopped just right outside of the playground. I didn’t pull her away, just stood behind her and observe. She stood there for about maybe 20 seconds(rough gauge), and continued walking to the lift. Pressed the button to get the lift door to open. Lift came, she walked into the lift and went to hold the handle in the lift. All these by herself. I didn’t do a single thing. Just let her be since we’ve already taught her previously. We reached the carpark. As I parked my car just right in front of the lift lobby, I asked her where is my car to see if she recognize my car. There were a few other cars around as well. She stood there, observed and point to my car and said “car!” To confirm she chose the right vehicle, I told her to walk to the car. She really recognize my car! Hahaha. And even know where’s she usually sit. Hahaha.

After all these, I came to think, as a parent, we need to educate our kids to do all the right things, but we need to give freedom to our kids to decide what they wanna do. We teach them, guide them and ultimately, we got to step back and observe how they live their life. They may time to time want to do different things in life, and as parents, I feel we will need to always be behind them to support them and help them if they make mistakes in life.

Usually as a parent, you will feel that we need to always hold their hands and guide them through life. But seriously… there will come a time you need to let go of that hand and let them decide what they wanna do. You need to step back and let them be. I’m sure they gonna make some mistakes in life and that’s when you step in and guide them back to the correct way.

I came to realize that actually Mikaela knows a lot of stuffs. But we didn’t really give her a chance to show us what she knows. SooooooOOOO…… We will correct that method and start to let her show us.

Just gave her some mangos to eat. Samantha cut the mangos into small cubes and put them into a bowl and gave them to Mikaela. We stood behind and watch her. Mikaela sat on the floor and started sharing the mangos with Haha(my dog)! Hahahaha. She used a fork to eat the mangos, and when she wanna feed Haha, she will put the mango cube on the floor or place it on her palm to feed Haha. Wow! We are so proud of her! Hahaha. I guess it’s time that we step back and observe. I guess Mikaela might know more stuff that we imagine. It’s getting more fun being a parent! =)



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