Have fun and enjoy…

Had a good rest for the past 1 month. All I did was just eat, sleep, gym, game. Hahaha. So now it’s time to look for a new job for myself!

During the period of searching for a new job, both Samantha and myself discussed and agree that we will still need to have income coming in as our monthly expenses is getting more and more and we are draining our savings already. So… I decided to work as an Uber driver until I find a new job!! Hahaha.

Did all my registration, convert my vehicle to commercial vehicle. Changed my insurance and all. Today was my first day as an Uber driver! Hahaha. Was nervous in the beginning as I won’t know who I will be meeting. I’m really worried that I will come across a nasty passenger and I can’t keep my cool. Hahaha. But I’m glad that all of my passengers today were nice people. Tried chatting with them, but most of them are busy on their phone or sleeping. Hahaha. All in all, I really enjoyed the experience of meeting different people throughout the day.

Completed 6 trips today! Today was just a try out, to have a feel of it. so I didn’t really went online throughout the whole day. So tomorrow onwards will be even more! YEAH!

*Just went for a job interview for a position in a company I feel I will really enjoy. Please pray for me to get it!*





Updates on Mikaela at Playgroup

It’s been about 2 weeks since Mikaela went to playgroup. The teachers were right, it will usually take about 2 weeks before the children to be used to the new group. Mikaela is finally not crying when I send her to school. Though she will still be upset, but when she say a familiar teacher that comes and carry her, she will be ok. It was damn torturing 2 weeks sending her to school. Tried playing with her when we were sending her to school, telling her that her friends are there to play with her. She will be fine during the journey, but once we stopped the car and carry her to school, she will recognize the environment and start crying like crazy. Tough for us, but it will surely help her next time when she goes to a new environment in every part of her life, be it Primary School, Secondary School, Poly, Uni, Workplace.

She really is growing very fast, without us knowing, she already knows how to open doors. Though she is short, but she is learning fast. Hahaha.

She also started “mopping”. Hahaha! Everyday without fail, once home, go kitchen, take mop and start doing the mopping action.

Been playing Snapchat with her. Just using the filters to play. Hahaha. She find it very very funny. Hahaha!


Daddy and Mummy love you! =)

New Experience

Next week will be the first time that I’m actually traveling because of a job interview. This is the 2nd interview. First was through Skype. Feeling abit nervous. Don’t know what to expect but just pray for protection.

Checked out the company, seems safe and legit. Samantha acted as a mystery caller to call in to check as well. Hahaha! Just to be safe. Just hope that all to be well! 
Pray for me! 😊😊😒

Transiting from Infant Care to Playground

Before entering this week, both sam and I were prepared for it already. But we were still unable to handle it. Mikaela’s transition from infant care to playground.

Mikaela was in infant care since she was 4 mths old. IMG_8600

Her first day in infant care. When Samantha send her to infant care, there was a very sad feeling. Hahaha. I guess all the moms will feel the same.

Now fast forward, Mikaela is 1.5 years old. She can’t be in infant care anymore, it’s time for her to move on to the Playground section which is more suitable for her age.

So Monday 01 Aug 2016, my mom send her to the centre as per usual. When Mikaela reached the centre, she knows the normal routine was to the infants section. But she was stopped. Hahaha. She started crying.(all these informations were from the teachers.) Hahaha. I think it’s a damn “ke lian” thing for her. 1.5 years old, you need to leave those friends and teachers you are familiar with and move on to a new thing. As an adult, we change job and meet new people, adapt to the new office culture. Even for most adult, these transition was uncomfortable to them, I guess it’s even worse for babies.

Mikaela is now only 1.5years old. She don’t really listen to reasons why she need to change. She won’t understand. She only knows, “I want to play with my friends!” So I guess it’s torturing for her until she makes new friends.

For both Samantha and I, we were worried that Mikaela will not be able to handle the transition for now. So I made a few calls on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to check if she’s ok. Teachers told me that she was crying. Always wanting to go to the infant care section. The teachers tried explaining to her why she can’t go over, but she won’t be able to understand it now. So what the teachers did was… they brought 2 kids from infant care to come over to playground to accompany Mikaela. The 2 kids were coming over to playground within the next few weeks as well. When Mikaela saw them, she became very happy and they start playing together.

On the first day when I fetch her from school, the teachers went into the room to tell her that Daddy is here, and they carried her out to change her diapers first before handing over to me. Once Mikaela saw me at the entrance, she just kept crying… In my heart I was thinking..”Aiyo… Why so ke lian one… Why I let her go through this torturing transition..” The feeling is really so sad.. But both Samantha and I agreed that she needs to go through this by herself. I think it will help her to be more sociable in the future. So we got to just bear with it.

On the 2nd and 3rd day, when she saw me, she didn’t cry. But she ran towards me and said very loudly, “DADDY!” So So sweet… I can feel that she felt really happy seeing me to fetch her home. I asked her teachers how was she coping. They told me that Mikaela still not used to it, and she will still keep looking at the infant section and kept crying. They say it’s common for all the kids. Usually they will get the infant care teachers to come over to help out as well so that the new kids can be comfortable.

Samantha and I feel the transition now will surely help her next time when she go primary school. So do it now, so that it will be better next time.

Mikaela is now in playground, so she need to wear school uniform! Haha! So cute! Bought the uniforms and went home and let her try it on!

The bag was given by 1 of the parents when their kid was celebrating his birthday in the centre. So sweet leh! Next year when Mikaela birthday, we will need to think of the gift to give to all the kids as well. Hahaha.

Recently Mikaela learn some new cheeky tricks. 1 of them is pretending to sleep! Hahaha. So damn cute la! Cheeky like siao! hahaha. But after seeing the video, I can’t resist to keep kissing and hug hug her. Hahaha. The video is here :

Recently we also take a video of her saying all the greetings to my parents, in-laws, etc..

Time really fly pass so fast. Got to keep cherishing of what we have right now. =)

Thank you.

Today mark the last day of my time in Dayspring. I’ve been here for 4 years. During this period, I’ve made a lot of friends, close friends too.

There were good times, there were bad times during this 4 year period, but I will prefer to only keep those good & fun memories as I move on to my next job.

People asked me wouldn’t I be sad to leave after 4 years of working there. I just reply, I will be sad, but I feel it’s time for me to leave and to move on to something new before I become too old. Hahaha.

Gonna miss going for project sites early in the morning and going home early because we start work early! Hahaha. Gonna miss going retreat with the company!*Hongkong was awesome!*

Just wanna thank everyone there who supported and guide me through, it was indeed fun. I will never forget the joy and happiness that I had with you.

Thank you, and wish you all the best! Who knows maybe next time you all will be doing health screening for my new company! Hahaha!



Good Bye!



Osaka & Kyoto Trip Part 2

2nd day! We went on separate ways. Samantha, my mom and I went to Rinku Town(Osaka Factory Outlet), and my sister and her family will go to Legoland. Shop like crazy! Didn’t really take photo over at the outlets as I was busy shopping. Hahaha.


It’s not a very big Premium outlet, comparing with USA one, so you will be able to finish window shopping within 1 day. Unless you are somebody who every store you go in, you will stay for 2 hours kind. hahaha. Below are the brands of the Premium Outlet.

rinku map_Page_1rinku map_Page_2The total train ticket to Rinku Town is Yen3400 per person. But you are entitled to a Yen2000 shopping voucher when you collect the tickets from the train counter. Sooooooo… MORE DISCOUNT! Hahaha. I went Rinku town, not hoping to buy anything other than shoes, because Japanese guys are mostly small size people. So there is no reason for them to produce more XXL sizes items.

But, I WAS WRONG! THEY HAVE MY SIZES! Hahaha. I shop like siao! Hahaha. Shoes, shorts, clothes, socks. Hahaha. Quite a lot. Hahaha. And guess what…. Their price is just abit more expensive than the USA Premium outlet! Like the Ralph Lauren t-shirt, it costs about $10 in USA. In Osaka, it’s $18. And Europe, $35. WoOOOooOO! I’ve been to all 3 Ralph Lauren Outlet, so I’m quite correct in the pricing! Hahaha. Total expenses in Rinku Town for Samantha, my mom and I is $1000. So it’s still reasonable. hahahaha. But we really bought super a lot of things. The pram was useful that day. Everything load on the pram and we just carry Mikaela. Shopping bags are much heavier than Mikaela. Hahaha.

After shopping,  we went to Coco Curry Restaurant to eat before going back to our apartment. When Samantha and I went to Tokyo, we ate Coco Curry nearly everyday because it was so damn good! But…… Osaka one, wasn’t so good. And the waiter was always in a black face when serving us. Maybe he thought that we were PRC, so not really interested in serving us. So after finishing our food, we left the restaurant. It started to rain quite heavily. We quickly went into a shopping mall near Rinku Town. Then suddenly, I felt a person tap my shoulder, turned around, I saw the waiter who serve us from Coco Curry, he came to return us our under armor purchases! The bag contains about $200plus under armor stuffs that we just bought! He was so honest! What really impressed me was that he came running to find us through the heavy rain. We said thank you and without asking for tips, he went off back to work. We felt that how can we don’t tip him!?! So my mom went back to the restaurant, gave him Yen1000. At first he kept refusing it, but we insisted then he took it. Smiling widely. =)

After shopping, we went back to our apartment. Waited for my sister they all to be back before going out for dinner. We went to Dotonbori Street to get our dinner. There were lots of restaurant over there. That place look like Taipei Xi Men Ding. Crowded with lots of young people. And……. Taiwanese and China people as well! They were shouting in chinese, “大减价,进来买哦!!!” I didn’t acknowledge them because I can’t stand their 撒娇 voice! Ewwwww…..!!! Think of it also hair stand… Hahahah.

So we walked around and when the kids started to say they are hungry, we just anyhow choose a restaurant. WORST MEAL IN OSAKA!!!! Hahaha. At the first floor, there will a person approaching you and ask you to come and dine at their restaurant. As it looks like an traditional Japanese restaurant, decided to go ahead there. The restaurant was at the 4th floor. We ordered some of their recommended food shown on the menu. And when the food came. It’s not super bad. But it’s just normal. Not like it’s super nice. Ok… Im choosy, but I really love Jap food. My past experience at Japan, the food are damn awesome! So much better than Singapore Jap restaurant! They food is at most, Sakae Sushi standard. Hahaha. Then came the bill. It was Yen9480!! So expensive and not super impressive. We left and didn’t want to come back here again. Hahaha. I didn’t manage to take a photo of the entrance of the restaurant. But trust me, it’s really normal… Don’t waste time and money there.



This actually their signature dish. I don’t know why… Hahaha.13533352_10157104181590424_1172718305901052815_n

As my sister and her family wants to walk around first. Samantha, my mom and I went back first to let Mikaela sleep first.

My sis they all came back about 9plus, Mikaela couldn’t sleep once they are back because she wants to play with her cousins. Hahaha. Knowing that the apartment does not a TV, I used my laptop for them to watch movies. 4 of them gather together to watch Zootopia! Hahaha! It was such a sweet sight, so I quickly took photo of that.


The following day :

Separated day as well. Hahaha. My mom went with my sis to Nara Park to feed the deers. Hahaha. Heard from sister that my mom was being chased by the deers as her was holding on to their food. Hahaha. There’s a video and photo of my mom running away but it’s with me. The photo is quite a funny photo. Hahaha!

Samantha and I went to Universal Studios Japan instead. The reviews from my friends are that it’s awesome! Must not miss it! It’s damn fun! Hahaha. So yeah… We decided to go ahead. Highly recommended from Eileen that we need to buy the express ticket into to enter into Hogwarts area. Eileen and Samantha is hardcore Harry Potter fan! Hahaha. As the online service is removed from their website, we can only purchase the tickets at the Park itself. WEIRD RIGHT? Hahaha. Anyway, we reached about 11plus in the morning, spoke to the counter person. She showed the amount we need to pay for express tickets, it’s $200(SGD)plus per person!!! WHAT THE SHIT! SO DAMN EXPENSIVE SIA!!!! Then I saw a brochure indicating that people can buy annual pass for $300(SGD). I just top up $100 more I can go USJ for the next 1 year! Hahaha. In the end, we did’t get the express tickets as we went to Orlando Universal Studios before and it’s the main Universal Studios, so I guess we won’t need the express tickets, and Im not daring enough to take the rides on my own. I will die…..

Went in, first impression was… Wwwwwww… That’s big. Hahaha. The entrance looks like the Singapore but much wider.






We had our lunch at 3 Broom sticks. The menu all is the same as USA universal studios. No Sushi or curry. Hahaha.

After lunch, we left, as the park is quite the same as the Orlando one, just that it’s smaller. But I got to admit, Japan one got more space. Hahaha. Orlando US is quite cramped up together, as they will want to cover more universal movies.

On our way back to the apartment, we went to BIC Camera to purchase some camera stuff.

After a whole day of walking and walking. We decided to take a cab back to our apartment. We were at Namba, so the cab fare should be still affordable. CAB Starting Fare : Yen680.

Its like nearly $8plus once you board the cab. Its way more expensive than Singapore cabs. We were damn tired, went into the cab at the taxi stand. No queue. WOoOOo! Shiok! Went in, showed the address of our apartment from our itinerary. He said, “ok ok”, came out of this cab, and open our door and say something like, “you can walk, it’s very near.” Then he kept pointing to a direction. Then he went back into his cab. WOW! First time too rejected by cab because it’s near! I thought nearer will be better? Save petrol more? No? Hahaha. Anyway, in the end we walked, and luckily we didn’t follow his instructions, we used google map and the direction he pointed to us was wrong… Hahaha.. Heng ah! Never get into his cab, if not sure damn expensive.


To be Continued…..

Osaka & Kyoto Trip 2016

Yeah! Just came back from Osaka & Kyoto. Went with my whole family(except for my Dad). Its like… hmmm… Maybe 16 years since the last time I went overseas with my sister. Very long hor?? Hahaha.

Anyway, as usual, Samantha helped us planned the itinerary. She is really damn “zap” in doing trip itinerary! Fun fun fun! Shopping shopping shopping! Sight-seeing sight-seeing sight seeing! Hahaha. In total, we went for about 9D8N.

Was excited in going to Osaka, as we heard that Osaka is the kitchen for Japan. It’s where all the delicious food ah! Hahaha.

We arrived at Osaka Airport at about 9plus at night. We hired a airport transfer company to send us to our airbnb location. As we are quite a big group, they gave us a big van! WoOOoo!! Comfortable ride!


Very comfortable and the driver skills was good. HENG AH!!! Hahaha. We reached out airbnb location. We reached our airbnb apartment at about 10plus. It’s about 45mins drive from the Kansai Airport to our location at Nipponbashi area. So…. There was nothing to do for that day. Just went down to the family mart to buy some food as most of us are hungry.

I got to admit that Japan food are really so wonderful! Even if it’s bought from Familymart or Lawson(another mini mart chain). The whole trip, every morning we will eat sandwiches purchased from Familymart. It’s so freaking soft! DAMN NICE LA!!! WHY SINGAPORE SANDWICH CANNOT LIKE THAT! Hahahaha.

Didn’t take photo of the place we stayed as we were always so tired when we are back home. Hahaha. Just want to relax. And we just dump the things everywhere, so it looks messy. Oh yah! Just to mention, their toilets are so dangerous! Bathroom, it’s a bit translucent, so if you did not draw the curtains, people will be able to see your beautiful body. hahahaha! 1 amazing thing about this trip was that, there are 9 of us in this trip, and for both the apartment, we only had 1 urinal toilet!!! Hahaha. We survived! Didn’t had a moment where by 2 person started to shout for toilet together. Hahaha!

2nd day, woke up.. Took our delicious breakfast, and off we go for some sight seeing! Explore Osaka! Japan seriously is all about walking walking and walking. I think I’m damn pampered in Singapore. Not much of a walking person. So when we started to walk, I was the first one usually to lose the energy. Hahaha.


To walk to Nipponbashi station, it’s only a 5mins walk from our apartment. Very near la. Walked 10mins to Ichiran Restaurant. So our apartment was rather good. =)

My sister mentioned that she read ironladychef blog post about Japan. He mentioned that if you never eaten Ichiran before, you’ve never been to Japan! Hahaha. Got so KUA ZHANG ANOT!? Hahaha. But we love Ichiran! Delicious!


The last time I went to Ichiran was during 2013 when I went to Tokyo. So I totally forgot how to order. Hahaha. So when I saw the red sauce thingy, I just put as regular, thinking that it will be just like a sweet sauce. Hahahaha. And there came my noodles! Then Samantha saw my bowl had the red sauce, and she ask me if I knew that the red sauce if actually like their chillis. I was like “OMG!!!!” hahaha. But order already, no choice. Just eat. And surprisedly, its very nice! Not spicy at all! Maybe it’s regular, so the power is not there yet. Hahaha. Heng ah….

As the 2nd day, we don’t want to waste too much energy, we just visited 2 location. 1st is the Kuromon Ichiba Market. Highly recommended by our friends and family members. They say got a lot of good food! Hahaha. So off we went to that place first to eat some good food!

13497665_10157072127810424_3422063854473718739_o13498083_10157072129625424_4056555252266984698_o13475121_10157072136100424_1754891637979889293_o13497540_10157072133500424_4290851605065379370_o13482946_10157072132125424_4496285938824874146_o13458530_10157072138585424_398468911933378048_oThis salmon sushi is freaking $40!!! Hahaha. SGD40! Hahaha. And it’s quite huge. So after taking just 2 sushi, I was rather full. Hahaha. But Samantha insist I finish it because it’s $40. hahaha. I got to admit, it’s delicious. The best salmon sashimi I ever tasted.

This Kuromon Market is really quite crowded. Plus the weather wasn’t really cooling. I perspire like crazy. Hahaha.

After Kuromon Market, we went to the Cup noodles Museum. And we got to take the train there!!! OMG!!! hahaha. Stairs, stairs, STAIRS EVERYWHERE! Luckily I got pram with me, I can use the lift for some places. Hahaha. But there are times when the station doesn’t have any lift, so got to carry the pram up the long flight of stairs. Luckily Melvin was helping me to carry also, each 1 side. It was much easier. Oh… just to add on, Mikaela was sleeping inside the pram. So, it’s double the weight and climbing up the stairs! I need to breath like crazy when I reached the top. Hahaha.

Cup noodles Museum wasn’t super interested.The most fun part will be that you are able to do your own Cup noodles! Any flavors or topping you want. WoOoo! Hahaha.

13433096_10157073015080424_1820062772319323229_o13433245_10157072300490424_4203558482781724392_o13482850_10157072301980424_3532763257877911796_o13495425_10157072301975424_7387802473090813327_o13495507_10157072962830424_3227773526556792092_o13497794_10157072302805424_3554637248850175830_oIt was a fun experience for the kids! Hahaha. After the museum, we went to eat Ichiran. Bringing a pram is seriously troublesome sia. Ichiran queue line are so narrow, so when I was exiting the restaurant, imagine with my size and that big pram, how difficult it was for me to get out of the restaurant. I think my shoulder or the pram knocked into everybody. Hahaha. I can only keep saying, “sorry, excuse me” x10 times. Hahahaha.


So that was our 1st day in Osaka. Minimum itinerary because got kids, surely will be tired for them. And plus we adults, Hahaha. We are bit weaker. Kidding… Hahaha. We just want to have a relax trip. Leave the busy place and enjoy ourselves.

Shall blog more on the trip this week. =)