Been busy at wo…

Been busy at work recently. Having a tough time at work also. Just want to cruise my way through. 

Few days ago was Shaoheng’s birthday! He is my 1st nephew. Hehe. A very clever boy. At first wanted to buy a present for him, but it’s damn hard to buy the toy he likes, because i don’t know what is it!! Haha.The name of the toy is Ninja-Go. It’s a lego ninja. I didn’t know that it exists until his birthday. Felt sad when i saw that he only have 3 presents for his birthday, but yet he is not upset about it. 

Gonna buy him a new toy he likes if everything goes well on monday 16th July 2012. Hopefully this is one of the place I’m gonna start my career on. I hate to keep hopping around finding the right job for myself.

ImageYes, alot of people can say you got to make the job right. But if your manager sucks and keep backstabbing you and taking your work credit, how long are you able to survive there? Since there is a job offer, why not i go ahead and attend their interview and see what they want to offer me? Hopefully there is a pay increment and a fixed 5 days or 5.5days work week. Rather than my current full 6 days shift work. It’s damn torturing to see Samantha alone during the weekends while I’m at work. Weekends are suppose to be spending time with your family! NOT WORKING! I really salute my staff who worked there for more  than 3 years and working 6 full days a week. *SALUTE*!


Time to move on

Since mid last year, it had been a time for transition for me. Been moving around with my jobs. Unable to find a job that I’m really happy and enjoying. Moving from Events to Healthcare to Shipping to Healthcare again. Will I go back Shipping? NO WAY MAN! I totally dislike the industry and it doesn’t suit me at all!

People always advise, you got to enjoy your job. Whatever it is, enjoy! But for me, i feel, yes you need to change the mindset of yourself and enjoy your work, but truthfully speaking, I feel that your colleagues and supervisor makes alot of difference at work for you! I have to admit that i really do have nice colleagues at my current workplace, but my manager? Sucks to the core. When i left Parkway Shenton, I thought i’ve seen the worst manager, but i was wrong, my current company manager is even worse! I shall not say so much about what happened, i can only say that she doesn’t do what she preaches.

Anyway, back to happy stuff! Haha is becoming so cute!! HEHEHEE!! Love him to the max! Below are his most recent photos!

Robin Van Persie is leaving Arsenal.

Robin Van Persie is leaving Arsenal. Statement from his official website has stated that he wont be signing a new contract with Arsenal. Sad for Arsenal fans. He is their best player for last season. BEST.. 30 goals in a season and he himself brought Arsenal up to 3rd position in EPL. 

I hope he doesn’t go Manchester City. Arsenal fans will hate him. 

I wonder how is Arsenal going to do for the next season. Top 10 maybe? 

03 July 2012

What a day! I think it’s a great thing that i didn’t watch the Talking Point regarding about my church saga. From what i’ve read through facebook and twitter, i guess it wasn’t a fair discussion regarding the saga. Shall not comment more. Let it be, let it be, let it be! 

Today was a great day for myself. Nothing particularly great happened. It’s just that my mood for today was cheerful! Hope everyday is the same!! Hehe! 

My old blog

Was slacking during lunch time in my office. Surfing net. Decided to check my username if there is any thing i google until. Surprisingly, I FOUND MY BLOG which is 7 YEARS AGO!! 7 FREAKING YEARS!!! Haha..

I’m amazed by some of the posts that i written. I guess i have more faith last time than now. Sad truth..

You can go to this website to see my previous post. Hope it will bless you.