Photo Taking Experience

Remember previously I said that I went to take photos for my wife colleague’s wedding? I’m gonna post some photos of it. 

Like i always say, I’m still learning how to take nice photos, especially like the settings of the camera, angle of the photo, and editing of the photos. I will keep shooting shooting and shooting. Not gonna stop. 


I’m tired already. Gonna go sleep now! Have a great week ahead everyone! I hope i can blog even more next time. =)


Celebrating 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow will be the 3rd year I’m married! Time really flies damn fast! 

From Oct 2009 i proposed to now. 3 years really passed so fast! 

I still remember the day i proposed to Samantha on my birthday in 2009. I prepared all the things on what to say, but on the moment of proposing, my mind went blank, and i was nervous x 100000000000!!! 


From there on, everything seems to progress so fast. We got our house, and we got married! ROM first.  



We ROM-ed in 2010, got our house in June 2010. 

We had our church wedding and dinner banquet in 2011. WOW!! 



The both of us had so much fun on that day. Tiring, but we totally enjoyed the day with our entourages. 

Tomorrow will mark the 3rd year being married together! More years of anniversary ahead!! 


Sweet sweet sweet!


First experience in shooting wedding day

Last saturday I finally got a chance to help my wife’s friend to try shooting for her wedding day. I’m like the 3rd photographer? Hahaha. She hired Clement(he did my pre-wedding & wedding day video) to be her main photographer. She really got a great photographer!!!

I really learned alot from Clement and Thomas(Clement’s assistant). Learning everything from scratch and just listen. They even allow me to use their L-lens to take photo! How generous of them! 

I’m glad that they are willing to teach me, as throughout the whole day, I was asking and asking and asking them on how to set the settings of the camera to make the photo as perfect as possible. Even the having the right angle to take the photos too. 

SImply breathtaking skills they have there. 

Below are the photos that Clement took on the day, after editing too. But it’s still fantastic!




I will be posting my photos the next post. Still need to edit. I’m learning how to use photoshop now. Hopefully it will turn out good! =) 

ImageThomas, Clement and me!

ImageSee how pro their cameras are. Hahaha.

Anyway, I hope that my photography skills can keep improving! I wanna take beautiful and nice photos!