Thank you 2016

2016 passes so fast. I’m still slightly in my “USA bubble” and this is year end already. Last year this period, I was still in Washington. Hahaha. When Samantha said Merry Christmas to me, I said that we were at New York last year. When she mentioned Boxing Day, I said that we were at Washington. Hahaha. So yeah…. time to move on. 

This year is tough year for me because it’s the year of transition for me. As I’ve mentioned earlier I changed my job, Mikaela changed school. It’s tough, but I feel it was good for me. During my period of job hunting, I learned new things, went overseas for interview. Though didn’t get the jobs, but it was a fun experience. I did Uber for the 4 months when I was jobless. Was tough driving around for long hours. I couldn’t focus well after about 4 hours of constant driving, resulting in my car bumper was damaged twice during the 4 months. Hahaha. 

Mikaela changed of school. Both Sam and I had been thinking to change her to a childcare center nearer to our place and we were blessed that there was 1 at the new Tampines Hub. As it’s a new franchise from Learning Kidz we didn’t need to queue up to register her in. As expected, the transition was terrible. Mikaela cried like crazy during the transition even when Samantha was with her at school. But this transition wasn’t as bad as during she change over from Infant Care to Preschool. Now she’s coping well and we are really happy! 😊😊

Change of job. Change of environment. Really need to freshen up myself and move on.. So yeah, felt it was the right time. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really happy to join the company. During my time there, I made lots of friends, close friends as well.. But I felt it’s time for me go for something new when I’m still able to absorb well. So yeah… I made that decision to leave. 😊😊 I’m now no longer in healthcare sector. I’m in logistics. It’s a totally new industry but it’s exciting for me! I found the renewed excitement in me! Lots to learn but it’s a exciting journey for me. Pray hard I can cope well! 

This year, New Year day will be celebrated at Taiwan! Finally back to Taiwan after missing it for nearly 2 years! Hahaha. This time is with a group of close friends and not just us. Really been a long time since we’ve travelled with a group of friends… We are so gonna enjoy the last bit of 2016 and the start of 2017! I believe 2017 will be whole new experience for us! 

Thank you to all who’ve played a part in my life in 2016! God bless and have an awesome year end celebration! 😎😎