Last Friday, Sam received a call from the childcare centre informing her that Mikaela is having fever. As Sam is working, I went to fetch Mikaela home to rest. Night time, we received an sms from the childcare centre that there is 2 confirmed HFMD(Hand, foot, mouth disease). *sian*. Brought her to a GP clinic to get some medication for her.

During the weekend, her fever subsides, but she start having rashes on her arms and legs. We decided to bring her to Dr Tan(pediatrician)at Thomson Medical on Monday(today). Called in, but Dr Tan was at overseas and only be back this Saturday. So we just brought her to other Children clinic.

I googled and found this Children’s clinic at Tampines area. Brought Mikaela to the clinic. Now…. The bad experience starts….. While doing the registration for Mikaela, the CA(clinic assistant) ask the reason for coming to see the doctor so we told her the symptoms. She straight away say, “oh! Please do not let your daughter touch anything in the clinic, and please wait outside the clinic!” I’m fine with this as I’m from the healthcare industry, I know HFMD is contagious. But what I was upset about was the tone of her voice. She was rude! Ok… That’s only the first part. We went into the consult room, doctor was another weird one. Can’t really recall what she said, but it wasn’t pleasant as well. Anyway, she confirmed that Mikaela is having HFMD, gave her 1 week MC.

When we came out of the consult room, we went to sit at the waiting area to wait for the medications. Guess what… The CA shouted again over the counter to us! She said “出去!你们出去!” I was like WTF???! There were quite a number of people in the clinic, so as I mentioned earlier, I understand her point, but can’t she say it in a nicer tone?????? Our girl is sick leh… Sam replied her, “outside? Why can’t we stay??” Then the CA, just impatiently came out of her counter and made a very loud “tsk”! She opened the door for us and once again say, “出去!”. I asked Sam to wait for me in the car while I stay in the clinic to wait for Mikaela’s medication. Really pissed with this kind of shitty service. Come on.. Our kid is sick, parents are worried, can’t you just say nicely??????? Was there a need to shout????????? If you don’t have love for the patients, you should just do other jobs. I always feel healthcare is a very special industry. Patients are sick, having a rude and impatient healthcare worker attending to them only makes them feel even more shitty.

End of my verbal diarrhea. Good bye!


Have fun and enjoy…

Had a good rest for the past 1 month. All I did was just eat, sleep, gym, game. Hahaha. So now it’s time to look for a new job for myself!

During the period of searching for a new job, both Samantha and myself discussed and agree that we will still need to have income coming in as our monthly expenses is getting more and more and we are draining our savings already. So… I decided to work as an Uber driver until I find a new job!! Hahaha.

Did all my registration, convert my vehicle to commercial vehicle. Changed my insurance and all. Today was my first day as an Uber driver! Hahaha. Was nervous in the beginning as I won’t know who I will be meeting. I’m really worried that I will come across a nasty passenger and I can’t keep my cool. Hahaha. But I’m glad that all of my passengers today were nice people. Tried chatting with them, but most of them are busy on their phone or sleeping. Hahaha. All in all, I really enjoyed the experience of meeting different people throughout the day.

Completed 6 trips today! Today was just a try out, to have a feel of it. so I didn’t really went online throughout the whole day. So tomorrow onwards will be even more! YEAH!

*Just went for a job interview for a position in a company I feel I will really enjoy. Please pray for me to get it!*




Updates on Mikaela at Playgroup

It’s been about 2 weeks since Mikaela went to playgroup. The teachers were right, it will usually take about 2 weeks before the children to be used to the new group. Mikaela is finally not crying when I send her to school. Though she will still be upset, but when she say a familiar teacher that comes and carry her, she will be ok. It was damn torturing 2 weeks sending her to school. Tried playing with her when we were sending her to school, telling her that her friends are there to play with her. She will be fine during the journey, but once we stopped the car and carry her to school, she will recognize the environment and start crying like crazy. Tough for us, but it will surely help her next time when she goes to a new environment in every part of her life, be it Primary School, Secondary School, Poly, Uni, Workplace.

She really is growing very fast, without us knowing, she already knows how to open doors. Though she is short, but she is learning fast. Hahaha.

She also started “mopping”. Hahaha! Everyday without fail, once home, go kitchen, take mop and start doing the mopping action.

Been playing Snapchat with her. Just using the filters to play. Hahaha. She find it very very funny. Hahaha!


Daddy and Mummy love you! =)

New Experience

Next week will be the first time that I’m actually traveling because of a job interview. This is the 2nd interview. First was through Skype. Feeling abit nervous. Don’t know what to expect but just pray for protection.

Checked out the company, seems safe and legit. Samantha acted as a mystery caller to call in to check as well. Hahaha! Just to be safe. Just hope that all to be well! 
Pray for me! 😊😊😒

Transiting from Infant Care to Playground

Before entering this week, both sam and I were prepared for it already. But we were still unable to handle it. Mikaela’s transition from infant care to playground.

Mikaela was in infant care since she was 4 mths old. IMG_8600

Her first day in infant care. When Samantha send her to infant care, there was a very sad feeling. Hahaha. I guess all the moms will feel the same.

Now fast forward, Mikaela is 1.5 years old. She can’t be in infant care anymore, it’s time for her to move on to the Playground section which is more suitable for her age.

So Monday 01 Aug 2016, my mom send her to the centre as per usual. When Mikaela reached the centre, she knows the normal routine was to the infants section. But she was stopped. Hahaha. She started crying.(all these informations were from the teachers.) Hahaha. I think it’s a damn “ke lian” thing for her. 1.5 years old, you need to leave those friends and teachers you are familiar with and move on to a new thing. As an adult, we change job and meet new people, adapt to the new office culture. Even for most adult, these transition was uncomfortable to them, I guess it’s even worse for babies.

Mikaela is now only 1.5years old. She don’t really listen to reasons why she need to change. She won’t understand. She only knows, “I want to play with my friends!” So I guess it’s torturing for her until she makes new friends.

For both Samantha and I, we were worried that Mikaela will not be able to handle the transition for now. So I made a few calls on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to check if she’s ok. Teachers told me that she was crying. Always wanting to go to the infant care section. The teachers tried explaining to her why she can’t go over, but she won’t be able to understand it now. So what the teachers did was… they brought 2 kids from infant care to come over to playground to accompany Mikaela. The 2 kids were coming over to playground within the next few weeks as well. When Mikaela saw them, she became very happy and they start playing together.

On the first day when I fetch her from school, the teachers went into the room to tell her that Daddy is here, and they carried her out to change her diapers first before handing over to me. Once Mikaela saw me at the entrance, she just kept crying… In my heart I was thinking..”Aiyo… Why so ke lian one… Why I let her go through this torturing transition..” The feeling is really so sad.. But both Samantha and I agreed that she needs to go through this by herself. I think it will help her to be more sociable in the future. So we got to just bear with it.

On the 2nd and 3rd day, when she saw me, she didn’t cry. But she ran towards me and said very loudly, “DADDY!” So So sweet… I can feel that she felt really happy seeing me to fetch her home. I asked her teachers how was she coping. They told me that Mikaela still not used to it, and she will still keep looking at the infant section and kept crying. They say it’s common for all the kids. Usually they will get the infant care teachers to come over to help out as well so that the new kids can be comfortable.

Samantha and I feel the transition now will surely help her next time when she go primary school. So do it now, so that it will be better next time.

Mikaela is now in playground, so she need to wear school uniform! Haha! So cute! Bought the uniforms and went home and let her try it on!

The bag was given by 1 of the parents when their kid was celebrating his birthday in the centre. So sweet leh! Next year when Mikaela birthday, we will need to think of the gift to give to all the kids as well. Hahaha.

Recently Mikaela learn some new cheeky tricks. 1 of them is pretending to sleep! Hahaha. So damn cute la! Cheeky like siao! hahaha. But after seeing the video, I can’t resist to keep kissing and hug hug her. Hahaha. The video is here :

Recently we also take a video of her saying all the greetings to my parents, in-laws, etc..

Time really fly pass so fast. Got to keep cherishing of what we have right now. =)