Unexpected Holiday trip!

Unexpected Trip! Why do I say so? Because I only knew I was going to holiday on that day itself! Hahaha! Total surprise from Samantha and my mom! They had been planning this “advanced early birthday holiday” for me! As my Birthday is in October, it’s the very busy period for my work so they decided to help me celebrate earlier!

So how it goes was that Samantha went to talk to my superiors about this plan(By the way, Samantha and I work at the same company). So they were all aware! Haha.

Ok.. On 6th August, I went for work as per usual. Then after my project ended, Samantha gave me a call and said that she slipped and fell in our toilet, she will need me to go home and take care of Mikaela while she goes to the clinic. I quickly called my office to take urgent leave and rushed home! So….. When I opened my door, there was my mom and Samantha, and Samantha said “Baby! We are going to Bali!” All the luggages were packed in the morning when I was at work! I couldn’t believe it at first! Hahaha. I seriously don’t know what to say at that point of time. It’s so damn sweet la! Hahaha. I was speechless… Went to shower before going to the airport. I still cannot believe it! Hahaha. Oh man… I got a freaking sweet wife! Hahahaha!!

So we went to Bali for our holiday! This time round, Mikaela is going with us! Remember just last year November, I went to Bali when Samantha was still pregnant.

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So now… Mikaela is with us!

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This time round we booked a different villa. Havana Royal Villas! Very good service, but not much people staying in that villa. Hahaha. Swimming pool is very long! Can really swim in it! Hahaha.

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Anyway.. Just to end it off, I really enjoyed it a lot in this trip! Total relaxing… Hahaha.. Love it!

I have the sweetest wife, sweetest mom! =)


Thank you Bali!