Been 5 years… Time for a change..

5 years…. 5 fantastic years….. Time to change… Change what? CHANGE HOUSE! Hehehe. Time to move on to a bigger house! =)

I can still remember very clearly the excitement we had when we purchase our first home. Went for viewing.. Price was cheap, so we went for it!! After all the subsidy from government… We bought the house at $165k! Very cheap! Hahaha.

We had to renovated the whole house as it was quite run down when we bought it. Spent about 25k for the renovation.. Still counted as cheap…So we were very blessed! Everything we bought that year was cheap! Hahaha.

We went quite often to our new house to monitor the progress of the renovation. It’s really a damn exciting adventure!

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Build build build….. Hacked off the storeroom to make the house look much bigger. Both Samantha and I was so excited to move that we moved in 1 night earlier than our original plan. Our bed still has the protection cover sheet! But we don’t care. We just want to spend the night at our new house!

5 years….. 5 incredible years in the house… But it’s time to say goodbye to the house as we have Mikaela now and my Mom will be staying with us as well. We need a bigger house! Looking at 5 room flat right now. At first was looking for EM.. But it’s very expensive and it won’t profit us much in the future if we want to sell it. 5 room flat! Here we come!

Year 2015 is a year of changes for both Samantha and I. First is Mikaela, 2nd will be the house. 3rd will be the car. For my car, it’s 10 year old this year. Not intending to renew the COE as there are alot of problems with the car now…. Really hope that COE will be much cheaper by the time I scrap the car… Really hope so..


The first time Mikaela try to call Papa

WoOOo! It’s the first time that Mikaela tried calling Papa! Hahaha.

Yesterday night she was extremely chatty, so we started talking to her, playing with her. After which, we started by teaching her to call Papa, … Papa… Papa.. Hahaha. She really did try! First few times, from the video you can really see that she’s trying, but it’s still too difficult for her. But at the end of the video, she really did say it correctly! I find it really quite clear and accurate in her attempt.

How did I feel when I first heard that she called Papa? Hmmm… Seriously, I am damn happy, the feeling is really hard to describe. It’s really something very special and dear to me. I can watch the video like 10000 times, I think I won’t be sick of it.

Oh yah, she’s 2.5mths only! And she really did it! Daddy and Mummy so proud of you!